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Miniature art enters trade sector

Miniature art has long historical background in Afghanistan. It has been founded by Kamaluddin Behzad who was born in Herat province.
This art has been matured with the passage of time and many artists have done their best to revive this valuable art. Miniature art has now enjoyed the trade market and is famous in and abroad.

Head of Aseman Arts (Arts Sky)Private Company ,Khalida Maarefat told The Kabul Times I was keen to miniature art since I was a child. I have graduated from a three-year course of FerozKoh Institution, she further said.
After graduation, I have been recruited as the company’s head in the field of miniature and calligraphy, she added. “I have received many projects in this field, particularly the Macca project within which 35 students had been trained who than produced many works,” she went on to say.
“My aunt taught me calligraphy. After collapsing Taliban regime, the ground had been prepared to me to continue my higher education with the mentioned company,” she added. I had been registered in Kohistani Institution in 2011 where I continued my higher education in term of painting and miniature for three years, she continued.
I had produced 150 painting works in two years, she said, adding recently, along with my classmate Leeda, we have founded a private company names Aseman Arts.
We have displayed our works in many embassies in Afghanistan and then our company had displayed its works in US, London and Canada where followed with good achievements, she added.
Majority of my works are on Temorides, Behzad and Ghaznavides era, she stated.
She said I wanted to bring good changes in the field of miniature, adding currently, modern and classic works have good customers in the country.
Original colors are very expensive and if we work on a miniature with them, it would cost about $1000, a price that no one is able to buy, she said, adding now, we use poster color in our works.
She said most of our orders were from US, London and Saudi Arabia.
Likewise, for Christmas, an exhibition would be held in Feroz Koh Guesthouse during which 30 companies including ours would attend.
Karima Malikzada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.