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Milli Shifa Pharmaceutical Company exports 1.8 million bottles of serum to Iraq

KABUL: Attending by the Acting Minister of Information and Culture Mullah Khairullah Khairkhwa, Milli Shifa pharmaceutical company, in an official ceremony, exported 1.08 million bottles of serum worth 580,000 U.S. dollars to Iraq, the Ministry of Public Health said in a statement the other day. Addressing the ceremony, Mullah Khairkhwa said this is a place of pride that serum is exported for the first time outside the country and everyone should jointly work for the country’s development and prosperity, according to the statement. “After the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate, significant development has been made in various fields that never seen before and every Afghan should work toward the country’s development and self-sufficiency,” the statement quoted Mullah Khairkhwa as saying. Meanwhile, Nisar Ahmad Taraki, the head of Milli Shifa Pharmaceuticals said that with the re-establishment of the Islamic Emirate, overall security has been ensured, providing a favorable environment for investors and industries in the country. Conveying heartfelt gratitude for the comprehensive support of the leaders and officials of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan across various fields, Taraki vowed unwavering dedication to bolstering the Islamic system and catering to the welfare of the citizens with utmost diligence. Also, Khairullah Khairkhwa praised the factory’s endeavors and added that anyone aiming to develop Afghanistan must engage in pragmatic reconciliation and steer clear of the empty and harmful propaganda spread by adversaries. Furthermore, Dr. Abdul Bari Omar, the Acting Head of Afghanistan’s Food and Drug Authority said: “In the upcoming years, witnessing progress in the industry and bolstering the economy remains a challenging feat in contemporary history. Despite facing unjust sanctions, IEA continues its resilient journey toward development and self-sufficiency.” He said that before the establishment of IEA, approximately 90% of medications illegally entered Afghanistan, and now 80% are legally imported, and the influx of smuggled medicines has been prevented. Founded in 2019 with an initial investment of $10 million, the company has recently increased its investment to $20 million and has the capability to produce 43.2 million serum bottles and 70 million syringes annually. Moreover, it employs 350 professionals including pharmacists, chemists, microbiologists, engineers, and skilled workers. Expressing hope for the country’s development, prosperity, and self-sufficiency, several Kabul residents said that this is a please of pride that Afghanistan exports medical items abroad for the first time. Dr. Maqsood a pharmacist said if necessary attention is paid and a suitable environment is provided for investors to invest in the health sector, the country will soon get its self-sufficiency in the field of medical items. Javed

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.