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Military operations a must if Taliban again refuse direct talks

After nearly four decades of conflict, signs of peace in Afghanistan may be emerging. The seventh round of US-Taliban talks at Doha, followed by the intra-Afghan peace conference sponsored by Germany and Qatar in the first half of July offered some hope to that context.
The two-day intra-Afghan dialogue, attended by more than 50 delegates from Afghanistan – including women, former jihadi commanders, civil society and pro-government factions – and 17 representatives of the Taliban, was the first intra-Afghan talks not objected by any side, preceded by similar meetings in Moscow late last and early this year. In fact, while extending its support for all-Afghan summit, Afghan government stated that face-to-face negotiations between the government and the Taliban are now inevitable to end the prolonged crisis in the country.
Addressing a conference on peace in Kabul on Thursday, Chief Executive Dr. Abdullah Abdullah said the Afghans had long been yearning for peace with honor and living in stability. “If we cannot convert our voice into a single voice inside Afghanistan… then we reserve no right to blame others. We must develop a responsible attitude,” he said while citing that there was a good opportunity for peace which must be seized.
But, the Taliban’s intensified attacks within the last few days seem to be a backlash against the attacks carried out by the Afghan forces. The Taliban militants have intensified their attacks on public places and meanwhile have sustained heavy casualties following the second round of talks held between the Taliban and Afghan political figures as the Taliban continued their refusal to hold direct talks with government representatives.
Although President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani has declared to release some 900 Taliban militants jailed in Afghanistan as a gesture of public goodwill saying that Afghan representatives in Loya Jirga urged his administration to do so, the conflict between warring parties continues unabated.
The Taliban have constantly turned a deaf ear to the demands of Afghan nation. They turned down the public demands for talks and ceasefire. They have also constantly refused the demand of peace marchers, who were urging warring parties to stop war. Meanwhile they have also turned down international community’s demand for reducing of violence in the country.
Taliban must not make the peace process too complicated. They have to act wisely and stop the conflict since it will only lead to casualties and destruction. Why should a party continue war if it only results in horrible consequences and has no winner? As the Taliban are aware that Afghans are highly frustrated with their acts of violence and terror, they should no more continue their insurgency. 
The Taliban have to use the current opportunity for supporting peace to avoid the public rage and do not miss this chance. It is clear that if they continue the war for one decade more, they will not win. Hence, they had better stop the conflict and be integrated into the government’s body.
The government has no chance other than continuing an eye for an eye policy and increase military operations against the group unless they signal for talks and ceasefire.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.