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Militant groups uprooted in Afghanistan

All militant groups have been uprooted in Afghanistan after power resumption by the Islamic Emirate, more than two years ago. Afghanistan, under the Islamic system, has pledged to not allow terrorist groups and militancy to spread their roots in the country and disturb the security of the Afghan people as well as the security of the region and the world. As frequently the authorities of the Islamic Emirate assured, no place has remained for al Qaeda or other militant groups to revive in Afghanistan and also, counterterrorism operations by the forces of the Islamic Emirate in Afghanistan have degraded the Islamic State’s presence in the country. This is the Islamic Emirate that seriously fights against all kinds of terrorist activities and is on the front line of war against all security threats; a duty, the U.S. and its foreign allies and local supporters failed to do. The so-called ISIS-K or the Islamic State’s Khurasan branch, in every part of the country have been prosecuted and eliminated and their hideouts destroyed and the rest are under increasing pressure from the Islamic Emirate’s security forces. Many of its key leaders have either been killed or fled the country while the activity of other militant outfits is at the lowest point countrywide. The soil of Afghanistan is safe and no terrorist group exists in the country’s territory as there is no doubt that (according to the Islamic Emirate’s spokesman) the Afghans with firm unison created a government that ensures security, and all sides accept that Afghanistan is safe and is not a threat to anyone and is not a problem for anyone. The government of the Islamic Emirate is also taking necessary measures against terrorist groups, especially the Khorasan branch of Daesh, in order to reassure the international community that Afghanistan will never be allowed to be used against other countries. The strictness of the Islamic Emirate against Daesh and other subversive groups is already tangible not only after the American official expressing optimism. The International community, particularly those countries who were involved in Afghanistan cases, should realize the fact that the Islamic Emirate will never allow even a single meter of the country’s soul to be used by terrorist groups against local or foreign nations. So, the world countries should strengthen their interactions with the current Islamic system and go ahead in good engagement with the people of Afghanistan instead of seeking excuses and blaming the incumbent system for irrelevant issues.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.