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Midwifery works encouraged in remote areas of Afghanistan

After the restoration of power by the Islamic Emirate, midwifery has been highly encouraged due to the critical needs of people in the country’s remote areas. Fayeqa Hedayat, a midwife who is attending a training seminar held by the Agha Khan Development Network (AKDN) in the capital Kabul, told The Kabul Times that she and twenty of her colleagues have come from the country’s northern Badakhshan province to get trained in midwifery. “We are living in remote areas in Badakhshan province. Our cocitizens are disparately in need of midwifery, as a woman still suffers critical situation while giving birth there,” she said. When asked how many attendees are there in the Kabul-held seminar, Ms Hedayat who her self is married and has a baby boy, responded that there were 21 female midwives, some married and some still single taking part in the three-month seminar. She went on as saying that she and all of her colleagues were facing difficulties in terms of taking care of their children after they arrived in Kabul. “Some of us who are married had no choice except to have our husbands accompanying us to Kabul, as we are not allowed to travel to Kabul unless accompanied by our mahram one of our (sharia-based relatives) close relatives,” she said continuing that now their children are taken care by their husbands of one of their brothers or other close relatives in Kabul. After their three-month training period is completed, they would return to their province (Badakhshan) to be hired with handsome salaries by the AKDN health branch in the remote areas, where women living there, yet to have access to the least health services. She mentioned Kuzar, a local name for a remote mountainous area of the province, where a group of villagers live disparately with their livestock. They have houses poorly built with mad, rocks and sands other than what is built in the townships. They, even, have nothing to eat except their seasonal wheat products, a small amount of butters, produced from milk and yogurts of their livestock. Female participants of the seminar expressed happiness with the recent measure of the AKDN to provide them with the opportunity to work for their deprived countrywomen. “I am really happy to have those pregnant women given birth with my help and the help of my trained colleagues in the remote villages of my province,” Fayeqa said who is impatiently waiting for her graduation. During the past two rounds of the so-called republic governments, women had no chance of accessing to healthcare services in most parts of the country, but following the resumption of power by the Islamic Emirate, thousands of women had been provided with the opportunity either by the local organs or by international health organizations to offer health and medical services for women across the country. Bushra Parnian

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.