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Mexico’s new president vows to drop neo-liberalism

Mexico’s new president, Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, has denounced the neo-liberal economic policies of his predecessors as a “disaster and calamity,” vowing to tackle corruption and chronic poverty in the Latin American country.
Mexico’s first leftist president in seven decades, popularly known by his initials AMLO, was sworn in an official ceremony in the country’s parliament on Saturday.
The 65-year-old won a landslide victory in July, the third time he was running for president.
“With a mandate from the people, today we begin the fourth transformation of Mexico. It may sound pretentious or exaggerated but today is not only the start of a new government but a change of political regime,” Lopez Obrador said in his first speech to the country’s congress.
“We will carry out a peaceful and orderly but also deep and radical transformation. Because we will put an end to the corruption and impunity that are blocking Mexico’s rebirth,” he said.
Lopez Obrador blasted “the manifest failure and corruption” of neo-liberal policies during his inaugural address and said, “We will do all we can to abolish this neo-liberal regime.”
Elsewhere in his remarks, the leftist leader also sought to reassure businesses despite the slump in the Mexican market following his election in July, saying Mexico remained a good place for investment.
“I promise — and I’m a man of my word — that the investments of foreign and international investors will be safe, and we will even create conditions that will allow them to get good returns, because in Mexico, there will be honesty, rule of law, clear rules, economic growth, and confidence,” Lopez Obrador said.
Mexico’s new president begins his six-year term with approval ratings of 56 percent. His predecessor, Enrique Pena Nieto, left office with only 24 percent.

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