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Meetings will work and can be constructive but with honesty

More than two years after the victory of the Islamic Emirate, numerous meetings about the situation in Afghanistan have been held in different countries, where various issues have been discussed. The talks will be effective and positive when the intentions and goals of the world towards Afghanistan, under the Islamic Emirate, are also based on goodwill and realistic vision. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan has recently announced the regional meeting in Kabul and said that this meeting will be held in the presence of representatives and diplomatic envoy of different countries. The aim of the meeting of the Afghanistan Regional Cooperation Initiative is to start a new chapter in the interaction of the countries of the region in regard with the Islamic Emirate, to coordinate in connection with regional cooperation, to create a common regional narrative at the regional level and to work together to use more economic opportunities. The Islamic Emirate assured the participating countries in this meeting that the Islamic Emirate gives priority to having positive relations with the region. The region should convey the message that Afghanistan is ready to be actively present in economic projects in regional connections and political and regional initiatives. After the collapse of the republican system and the establishment of the Islamic Emirate, the world has not yet officially recognized the Islamic Emirate, although in several countries, the Afghan embassies have been given to the representatives of the Islamic Emirate and they have actually started their work. Afghanistan has practical political relations with Turkmenistan, Iran and Uzbekistan and other neighboring and regional countries, besides having 17 active Islamic Emirate political missions across the world. So, the international community, particularly, the world superpowers should recognize the realities of Afghanistan and deal based on the facts and realities of a country with all infrastructures destroyed and millions of its citizens have either been killed, disabled or left their residences due to the long war in the country. This is only, the Islamic Emirate that after its takeover of the country, resumed strong work to revitalize most of the country’s infrastructures and refurbish the country’s fragile economy, The regional meeting that has been held will bring significant changes to the intentions of the countries and that Afghanistan will have a bright future ahead.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.