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Media’s role effective in aid collection for returnees

Refugees at Hasa-e-Awal Park in Kabul, Afghanistan. (Marcus Yam/Los Angeles Times/TNS)

Nowadays, thousands of Afghans are forced to leave Pakistan.

Eleven days have passed since the beginning of the deportation of Afghan refugees from Pakistan. According to figures, released by official sources, more than 200,000 people have recently returned to Afghanistan from Pakistan, since the last eleven days of their forced expulsion, while, they were (and are) not allowed to transfer their properties, including their cash assets. Many of them said that their family members have remained in the host country as they were not even given the opportunity to take them with themselves. The unforgettable and unforgivable act of Pakistan authorities of Pakistan against the destitute Afghan refugees was condemned by human rights activists and migration rights organizations. They called the vicious act of the Pakistani police a brutal attack on the values and honor of human beings and demanded for putting an end to the inhumanity. Anyway, this is the time to help our compatriots and rush to cooperate with them as much as we can. Media outlets, including both state-run and private ones, have played a significant role in the collection of aids for the returnees who had either nothing to curry or left all their belongings, after police stormed their residences and agitated them to evacuate as soon as possible. As the spokesman of the Islamic Emirate stated, media can play an essential role in aid collection for thousands of Afghans returning home, after their forced repatriation by the Pakistani officials. Depicting the gaps and problems faced by returning refugees by the media has helped the speed-up of the aid process as the media played an important and effective role in covering the massive arrival of the large number of deported Afghans to the country and the accelerating, organizing and the delivery of aid process to them. Indeed, the country’s media broadcasted various aspects of the challenges faced by refugees, in a very responsible way. All the country’s TV channels, printed media and radio did their best and tried hard to seek help in the area of listening to complaints and providing sufficient reports about the Afghan refugees returning home. In addition to full and responsible media coverage, implementation of programs in various sectors, including drawing and collecting aid and resettlement of refugees, is a need. However, the Ministry of Refugees and Returnees has pledged to do the duty. Also the issue of housing and shelter, and providing significant programs to create employment in the private and public sectors, is the most important to be done for the returnees.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.