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Media should avoid rumor, reflect truth

Media have the responsibility of informing the people and helping them access the facts all over the world, as what is important is that only correct and accurate information can play fundamental role in the human society.
In western societies and the great systems of the world, it sometimes happens that the media avoid the realities and spread rumors. For example, about U.S. sanctions on Iran and some other countries and the verbal disputes between Iran and the U.S. as well as between U.S. and N. Korea the pro-western media always spread propagandas in the interest of big powers and shows that any country against the interest of U.S. and the west are being eliminated.
For more than 40 years, the Iranian government has always been under economic sanctions by the United States and its western allies, but it clear that the Iranian government has not only not fallen or at least weakened but has also been capable to rise as one of the major powers in the world and capable of protecting its independence and not allowing the country to be destroyed by the pressure of malicious countries.
Hostile propaganda against Iran is still going on, and the western media is constantly launching propaganda in favor of the United States and against Iran, while the Iranian leaders still resist against all these conspiracies and vicious rumors.
Also, in the Ukraine-Russia war, the media often try to work in favor of the United States and its allies from the European countries.
The propaganda reaches the extent that they call the Ukrainian President a hero and the victorious of the battlefield against Russian forces, while this is not true, as the Russian government has the upper hand in the war and Ukraine suffered heavy losses.
Apart from false propaganda, the leaders of Ukraine have done nothing for their people, rather their unwise resistance caused deadly incidents and devastation of their country.
Despite the fact that Ukraine was once the most advanced country compared to the former Union Soviet Republics, and the heart of Europe played a role in the Soviet structure, it is now destroyed and all its economic and military infrastructures are at the merge of devastation.
If the United States and its allies were in favor of a stable and peaceful Ukraine, it could have prevented a Russian invasion of Ukraine and prevented it from reaching this point, but unfortunately, it did not as it was interested in a Russian war in Ukraine so that it could be an excuse for itself and its allies to meddle in the two countries internal affairs.
For the past twenty years, under the name of al-Qaeda, terrorism and the so-called Islamic State, U.S. waged a bloody war in Afghanistan and used the media in its favor, but consecutively defeated and fled.
This is to be noted that media, in the society, should maintain their naturality and independence and should not be influenced by the great powers.
It is the duty and responsibility of media to provide exact information and reflect the realities and truth if they want to win the people trust, rather to spread rumors to damage their credibility.
In Afghanistan, for example, all private and international media understand that the United States was seeking its goals and that terrorism and al-Qaeda were nothing more than excuses, but they continue to hide the fact to serve the great powers.
Eventually, what they claimed was reversed and the United States was defeated by the Mujahideen of the Islamic Emirate, like it was defeated and fled in Vietnam war.
The media must cover the facts, reflect the truths and provide information for the people, regardless of affiliation to the parties or groups.
Mohmmad Daud


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