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Media pivotal tool to disseminate Islamic values, thwart enemies plots

By: Mohammad Nabi

Part II

With the develop ment of the politi cal, social and economic aspects of some nations that possessed different beliefs and values, each would attempt to impose its lifestyle, beliefs, and culture on others. Therefore, each country accelerated the expansion and dissemination of its thoughts so that it could convince other nations to accept its lifestyle, thoughts, and powers. However, this competition and struggle gradually took the form of military conflicts. The media emerged as a dangerous weapon in global wars, particularly after the inventions of advanced tools and means for developing media; these tools were easily accessible to individuals and groups of the community. In the contemporary era, the media has drawn the attention of many communities and organizations since they convey our thoughts and unveil the enemy’s plans. In the contemporary world, the media have been changed into an effective and valuable tool to convey and publish their thoughts and ideology and influence others as well. Likewise, they have drawn the attention of many nations, organizations and communities since the media is the active source that can link human communities with different cultures and numerous lifestyles, and eventually decrease the sensitivity, hostility and enmity among the different nations. What does the Islamic Media need? The Muslim Ummah needs to pay more attention to the development of media because, through this, we can elevate Islam, influence other beliefs, and guide nonMuslims. Our power in this field must be skillful and valuable, as the media is the most effective, accessible, and helpful tool for communication and invitation in the current world. When the activities of nonMuslim nations dominate the Muslim Ummah, it will definitely affect the Muslim generation, and they might be influenced through the broadcasting and publication of non-Islamic content. After the developments and inventions in the 19th century, the struggle of the West’s intellectual extended to the Muslim world through visual and auditory media significantly, resulting in adverse effects on the Muslim world and eventually forcing the Muslims to succumb to Westernization. We have failed in the field of communications and media, so let us prioritize the media and make the best use of it. The duties and responsibilities of Islamic Media: Dawah and Preach Activity: The Islamic media shall spread Islamic belief (monotheism) and thoughts, guide the nation to Islam, expose various forms of polytheism, reveal the oppression of the oppressors, and disclose false and misleading beliefs. Disseminating News and Updates: The Islamic media disseminates news, information and updates, unveils facts, analyzes Muslim–related events and cases and provides practical and appropriate Islamic-based solutions to challenges and conflicts. Promoting Islamic thoughts in Societal: The Islamic media also establishes Islamic personalities with intellectual and ethical aspects and creates a united and consolidated Muslim community. It attempts to guide human feelings and promote love, brotherhood, and collaboration among Muslims and community members. Furthermore, establishing sound and collaborative relations among the Muslims, supporting the people in need and making an effort to ensure justice, reviving the Muslim community, awaking of the West’s satanic plans, developing the Islamic civilizations and neutralizing the concepts and thoughts in contradiction with Islamic belief are among the functions carried out by the media. The media are not only the means for confrontation and preaching; they are also the sound and proper means for Dawah and guidance, through which we can deliver the message of Allah the Almighty and his messenger to the people and guide the Muslims to the vice acts. The media also should serve to save the nation from evils and endeavors to invite disbelievers to convert to Islam, demonstrate the virtues of Islam, and the harms and disadvantages of atheism. Thinkers and educated people can freely reject Western criticism of Islam, the Muslim community, and Islamic values. Therefore, the media is the best tool for Ulamas and religious scholars in the contemporary era so that they can guide non-Muslims and deliver Islam’s message and objective to millions of people in the blink of an eye.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.