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Maternal health is vital to society

Midwifery is one of the most important medical fields that is currently, particularly, under the current situation, after the takeover of the Islamic Emirate more than two years ago. This includes the care of girls during puberty, prenatal care, pregnancy and postpartum care of mother and child. While all universities are closed to girls, today, due to the need for more nurses and midwives and to the lack of female personnel in health departments nurse and midwife training institutes are open to girls. With the increase of health workers in the midwifery department, maternal mortality has decreased significantly compared to previous years. In promoting this field, not only institutes but also hospitals have an important role in the training of nurses and midwives. With the closure of universities, the majority of female students of public and private universities have studied nursing and midwifery departments in order to improve the economy and their level of education. Until now, nursing was taught in a high form, and midwifery was taught as a secondary or semi-high course, which consisted of two years, but according to the new decision of the Ministry of Public Health, the midwifery course was upgraded from two years to three years, and the institutes are obliged to enroll for a three-year academic course. In mid-August 2021, when the Islamic Emirate took power, the status of midwiferies promoted in Afghanistan and thousands of school graduates were encouraged to join midwifery institutes, as under the Islamic teachings, women and girls are preferred to do the critical job comparing to male medical workers. Currently, four midwiferies and women-related medical centers with thousands of female students are operational in the country. However, the Ministry of Public Health of the Islamic Emirate, recently, announced a month’s break due to the cold season. Maternal well-being affects the health of future generations. Whether or not mothers have access to adequate health care can have a substantial impact on an entire community. As health reports note, despite its importance, maternal healthcare has no shortage of challenges and each year in the world, thousands of women die due to complications associated with pregnancy or delivery with an additional high death toll associated with pregnancy is preventable. Maternal health care is very complex and it encompasses aspects of both mental and physical health, and a range of social and economic factors significantly influences the accessibility and quality of maternal health care, the health report said adding solving the issues that confront maternal health requires dedicated professionals who aspire to make a difference. Nurses are especially wellpositioned to have a positive impact on maternal health and nursing professionals who seek to enhance their ability to support mothers can benefit from an advanced education. Nowadays, hundreds of girls, until the reopening of their schools have chosen the alternative to join medical institutes. If we focus on the importance of maternity and midwifery, Afghanistan can be called one of the most vulnerable countries as millions of people, residing in the remote and farflanged areas of the country, are victims of a lack of medical centers and professional midwives. The Public Health Ministry of the country is now making efforts to provide rural residents with midwiferies and health facilities with female personnel all over the country. Bushra Parnian

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.