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Massive blow to Daesh militants in Afghanistan

Afghan National Defense and Security Forces’ (ANDSF) ground, air and joint operations with US and NATO forces have inflicted heavy blows to Daesh group, also known as Islamic Militants across the country, mostly in eastern Nangarhar province, where the group affiliates are mostly active. The continued atrocities of Daesh against innocent Afghan civilians have prompted the Afghan government and the allies to beef up counter terror operations.
In a recent move, a drone strike has killed the leader of Islamic State in Afghanistan, Abdu Saad Erhabi, along with his nine commanders.The overnight missile attack occurred in the Khogyani district of the troubled eastern Nangarhar province where the terrorist group, locally known as ISK-P, is headquartered.
Provincial government spokesman Attaullah Khogyani told VOA the strike also destroyed two of the group’s bases. The National Directorate for Security said international forces assisted in the counter-terrorism operation.
Indeed, the strike dealt a “major blow to Daesh in Afghanistan” and it also demonstrated the resolve of the Afghan government against terrorism. Erhabi is the fourth leader of ISK-P to have been killed since the group launched its extremist activities in Afghanistan in early 2015 from bases in Nangarhar next to the border with neighboring Pakistan.
ISK-P militants have been plotting deadly suicide bombings in the war-shattered country and battling U.S. backed Afghan forces as well as the Taliban insurgency.
The destructive role of Daesh in Afghanistan must not be underestimated – as it has already maneuvered its presence in some parts of the country through targeting the civilians. The emergence of Daesh group has left the nation at the mercy of greater threat. Therefore, this militant group must be fought with all forces so as not to prolong the militancy the same as the Taliban.
The counter-insurgency being carried out by Afghan National Defense and Security Forces and based on US decision to target members of Daesh fighters will mitigate the militancy in Afghanistan and strong military operation is the only effective strategy to be adopted in this regard. 
However, ISIS has changed into global threat and is the top agenda of the international conferences, the group seeks foothold in Afghanistan intending to spearhead war across the country, but the national unity government trying its best to control the influence of the group, as key IS commanders have been killed in different air strikes, which have weakened the group. 
ANDSF have been trying to fight for stability of the region, as terrorism is being considered a threat to the region and the world. Today’s ANDSF fight against the insurgents would definitely bear positive results, and the next generations would have peaceful and prosperous life due to their sacrifices and struggle and the history would be written with their sacrifices.
Prayerfully, the nation will be able to exercise its rights soon in a country void of violence and terror and there will be no room for the terrorist networks in Afghanistan.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.