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Mass grave with 100 bodies found in Khost

KABUL: A mass grave with 100 bodies has been found in the country’s eastern province of Khost, the state-run Bakhtar News Agency reported the other day. The bodies have been discovered from an area near the Shaikh Zayed University during the construction of a check dam, the agency said. The provincial Mayor Qari Bismillah Bilal said the bodies were of people killed and buried in 1979, according to the agency. “Construction of a check dam was in progress when the mass grave was discovered and shortly after a committee was formed to dig up the grave. The remains contained only bones, which would be buried in a proper location by workers of the municipality,” the agency quoted Bilal as saying. Bilal added the heirs of the martyrs came here, but could not identify their family members, because the victims were buried and their bodies and bones were being dug out. Salam Sharifý, a resident of Khost province who was present on the scene, said: “My father has been missing since 1979. He might have been killed and buried here.” However, he explained, no one could identify the remains of his father because it had been a long time. He said: “The victims were brought here from prisons. With their hands tied up, they were brutally killed by the communist regime in 1979. We will never forget this cruelty. My father was one of those killed in this manner,” he said, asking the government to re-bury the corpses in a proper place. Earlier, more mass graves have been found in different parts of the country, reflecting the misery of the last five decades. Javed Husain

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.