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“Martyrs are always alive”

In an interview with The Kabul Times reporter, Hafizullah uncle of martyr Edris, 24 said, he joined two years ago Parwan Police Force and his family was very happy and proud for his joining and serving in the rank of police, because he served his country and people in one hand and supported his family on the other.
Hafizullah continued, after graduation from high school, due to economic constraints he failed to complete higher education. His family had rented a house and his father was affected with heart problem. He had a job with Shamshad TV. But he joined Parwan ANP special forces.

He added, some times before a senior government official was kidnapped by Taliban in Bamyan province and ANP special forces were tasked to rescue him.After rescuing the kidnapped, on their return to Parwan, special forces were ambushed by terrorist and as a result Edris was martyred.
He went on to say, it is very painful when a family member dies or martyred by enemies. “Edris father is poor and doesn’t afford to support Edris young wife, and two innocent children. But Edris family is proud for martyrdom of their son in the path of homeland.”
Hafizullah added, Edris family received some assistance which are given to each martyr family regularly but they have received no cash assistance and only it was promised by the government. “We hope this promise would be implemented.”
Karima Malikazda

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.