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Martyred security forces’ families to be assisted through monetary fund

To address the families of martyred security forces’ families, returnees and internally domestic peoples, the government of Afghanistan is making effort to help provide them with lands and shelter through a monetary fund.
Calling establishing the monetary fund key to solve the problems of martyred security forces, returnees and internally displaced peoples, finance ministry in-charges said the fund would be established based upon a presidential decree.
Finance ministry’s press directorate Fardin Marefati told media the fund would be controlled by that ministry. He added work is ongoing to form three committees in this regard.
The fund would be sponsored by the government’s national budget, international donors private sector and national traders and would be supervised by High Immigration Commission led by President Ghani and Chief Executive Office’s Internally Displaced People’s Executive Committee, he went on to say.
Earlier, finance ministry had presented the draft for establishing a monetary fund during a meeting of returnees and displaced people executive committee which was approved.
According to the refugees and repatriates ministry, the number of returnees reaches to 9,600,000 and the displaced people to nearly 2,000,000.
The monetary fund would be established in cooperation with international organizations, the minister of refugees and repatriates Sayed Hussain Alimi Balkhi said.
“The monetary fund is specifically for martyred security forces’ families, returnees and displaced people,” he further said.
He added currently, there are 6.5 million refugees living in foreign countries and they will gradually return home.
The innovation to establish a monetary fund is appreciable, but efforts should be made so the assistances to be distributed to those who are really in need, experts said.
To ensure transparency, the government should task a committee to identify those in need and fairly distribute the assistances, an expert KabirRanjbar said.
There is no doubt that martyrs’ families and internally displaced people are the vulnerable segment of the society and they need serious need and government’s support.
This comes as President Ghani has recently instructed the ministries of finance, labor and social affairs to consider distribution of coupon to martyrs and disabled families.

Shukria Kohistani

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.