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Marble stone packaging, exports strategy to be arranged, President Ghani

KABUL: Chaired by President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani, the High Economic Council (HEC) held meeting on Sunday, the Presidential Palace said in a statement.
The meeting discussed information and technology strategy for Afghanistan, the draft to promote Afghanistan’s position in terms of employment and trans-border trade, the draft to prevent smuggling waste papers to abroad, the wheat draft policy, according to the statement.
At the outset, head of central statistics office presented the information and technology infrastructure draft to Afghanistan, saying to codify it, the successful strategies of vanguard countries and big companies would be reviewed, the statement added.
The participants also suggested that efforts should be made to control the internet supplying companies.
Afterwards, head ofinternational trade analysis for the ministry of commerce and industries presented the draft to promote Afghanistan’s position in terms of employment and trans-border trade, adding the more facilities are provided, the more the merchandizes exports’ speed would increase.
Discussing the issue, the participants added that serious supervision of customs houses can help visibly prevent smuggling and corruption.
Facilities in exports and imports’ customs are important to promote Afghanistan in term of employment and the country should be a simple example in exports system, the president said. He added air corridors have been a great and fruitful facility for the country’s exports, as 800 tons of pine nuts have so far been exported.
The president instructed the ministry of mines and other relevant organs to prepare a strategy for packaging marble stone, Likewise, head of Afghanistan’s chamber of commerce and industries Shirbaz Kaminzada presented a draft to prevent exporting and smuggling waste papers, saying the private sector has now the capacity to recycle them and make them usable again.
The meeting approved the mentioned suggestion and asked for executive plan for it.
At the end, the minister of agriculture, irrigation and livestock Nasir Ahmad Durani presented the wheat policy draft, saying wheat is an imperative section in agriculture and three main objective have been considered for it, in short-term variety in wheat resources, in middle-term establishing the grounds to turn further wheat into flour inside Afghanistan and in long-term to increase wheat production.
After discussions, the meeting principally approved the policy.
Wheat grinding factories’ capacity should be specified in all zones and a comprehensive action plan should be created for the mentioned policy, the president said.
Furthermore, a contract on Gulbahar-Panjshir 110 kilovolt line extension and 100 over 20 kilovolt substation was singed between the ministry of energy and water and the implementing company’s representative. The project would cost $10 million and would be implemented in two and half years, through which 64000 families would be benefited of power energy.
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