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Maintaining strong republic system important: President Ghani

By: The Kabul Times

KABUL: Addressing a public gathering in southern Kandahar province on Thursday, President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani said that it’s important to maintain a strong republic system, adding that Kandahar people were standing beside republic and believing on the system
“I came to Kandahar to assure that nothing will happen once the foreigners leave.” The president said, adding: “We have always held on to our soil and will continue to do so.” The president also said that Afghanistan must allow the foreign troops to withdraw with honor “because they have helped us.”
President Ghani went on saying that despite the decision to withdraw foreign troops, Afghanistan will still have the support of the international community. “The international community’s commitment has not changed, we still have the international community’s support for another three years,” the president said.
This comes after the US on Wednesday announced $300 million in aid to Afghanistan.
President Ghani also called on the Taliban to accept Jirga discussions, saying political issues must be resolved in a political way. “There is no law in the world other than our constitution that has an Islamic form. Let’s face it, Islam brings us closer together, and does not separate us.” He said.
Hinting at Pakistan, the President said the country can choose the policy of winning or losing; adding “Your future is with us, if you shake hands, we will provide you access to all of Central Asia and that is possible via a stable Afghanistan, but wont reach to that if choose war.”
Meanwhile, first vice president Amrullah Saleh, who was accompanying President Ghani during Kandahar visit, said that they are ready to devote their remaining term of office for peace. “We are ready to devote our three-and-a-half years of term for peace, but only if the Taliban accepts an election.” VP Saleh said.
Speaking at the event VP Saleh said that they will not hand over power to a small group but instead are ready to defend the people and country. He also called on Taliban to not be afraid of elections and to join the democratic process.
“The Taliban don’t need to worry about rigged elections because electronic IDs will be used which will eliminate voter fraud,” VP Saleh said. He once again criticized Pakistan for its link to Taliban.
“Taliban mines are made by Pakistan and given to the Taliban because there is not much raw material in Afghanistan and all the production is done by Pakistan,” VP Saleh said.
During his Kandahar visit, President Ghani inaugurated 200 bed private Mohmand hospital and also chaired a security meeting to assess provincial security situation.
During his provincial visit, the President also pledged that 4,000 more teachers would be provided by the government to the region. He also promised to take practical measures for the construction of Dahla Dam and to address the plight of those displaced from their homes due to war in various parts of the province.

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