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Maintaining sanctions violates Afghans’ rights

As a two-day summit — the United Nations General Assembly —, attended by the heads of state and national representatives ended in New York city, the people and the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan expected the removal of sanctions and unfreezing of their assets, considering the recent development and achievements after the political change in the country. The members of the summit which was ended last day, might have discussed the achievements of the Interim Islamic system, the realities of Afghanistan, the achievements made in economic and security fields and considered lifting sanctions as one of their agendas, as the sanctions have only harmed (and would continue harming) the ordinary people of Afghanistan. After the takeover of the country by the Islamic Emirate, sanctions imposed by some world powers on Afghanistan, have only harmed the ordinary Afghans; the prices of food and other commodities are still high or at least unstable, the national currency’s value is still in fluctuation and in general, the country’s economy is still fragile; the reason of which can only be the imposed sanctions and freezing of the country’s central bank assets. Many of the world countries have now realized that they had no option except securing a good and appropriate diplomacy with Afghanistan and an effective engagement with the Islamic Emirate. So, the International community and the entire members of the UN should understand their responsibilities regarding the removal of sanctions and restoration of diplomatic relations with Afghanistan. Both the Islamic Emirate and the international community need to engage to work jointly in order to address the existing crisis, including capital flee and brain drain in the country. They should not seek women’s work and girls’ education as excuses to persist in their positions of maintaining the sanctions on Afghanistan, as the move itself is adding to the ongoing problems facing the poverty-stricken nation. If the women rights to work and education are the main motive for maintaining the sanctions on the Afghan authorities, then why the issue is not officially discussed with the Afghan authorities and the related officials; as they have time and again asserted that the suspension was temporal and the decision about the reopening of schools and universities for the girls and women work, would be made later.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.