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Main elements behind power-pylons destruction should be arrested

This is not the first time that the Kabul city is hit by consecutive blackouts and the people in some other provinces, remain in darkness, after criminals detonated pylons at the outskirts of the capital.
Undeniably, these individuals are supported by some certain malicious circles who dare to blow several power pylons.
For the past many years, individuals, most allegedly belonging to some vicious groups have continued destroying the power towers at the outskirts of the capital and some areas in the country’s northern province of Baghlan.
At least four power pylons have been destroyed over the past one week, causing power outage to the province and its neighborhoods.
Technical teams from the Brishna Shirkat – the country’s main power supply company, have been repeatedly sent to the area to repair the pylons to resume power transmission to the capital Kabul and other provinces.
However, a number of the company’s technical personnel have also shot dead or wounded by explosive devices improvised by these criminal bands.
Continuation of the heinous action indicates that there are some certain powerful people behind the devastation of the national assets.
The country’s national security directorate, in cooperation with the people should launch serious search and detective operation to locate and arrest the culprits and those allegedly powerful people supporting them and face them to justice.
These individuals, instead of cooperation and coordination with the country’s security forces to fight insurgency and help the people remain safe and secure, instead of resorting to destructive activities themselves. So they should be arrested and punished, even sentenced to death as according to the law, they committing national betrayal.
Indeed this is the responsibility of the people, particularly those living in areas near the power pylons or other public facilities, to share any important information about malicious activities with the intelligence personnel.
On the other, the areas next to the pylons should be taken security by deployment of special guards. The plan would help take both security of the areas from insurgency and prevent destruction of the pylons by the criminals.
Also, the provincial government, particularly, the police chiefs have the responsibility of securing the areas surrounding all public facilities.
The provincial officials should be taken responsible for anything going wrong including both insurgency and criminal activities.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.