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Low-quality goods still importing; officials yet to take firm decision

During the past more than 20 years of the so-called republic regimes, low-quality merchandise has been imported to the country, with the then-corrupt officials remaining incompetent to control the imports from other countries and sort out the commodities. From fuel to medicines, from edible items to technical devices and to other daily used materials such as soap, shampoos and other kinds of detergents; all have been imported low-quality and against health standards. When the traders from the countries exporting low-quality goods to Afghanistan, are asked why they do so, they would reply they were asked to build low-quality commodities with low prices to be affordable for the Afghan customers as they have economic problems. This is clear that importing low-quality commodities has become a prolific business for the bigger traders, while the poverty- stricken Afghan citizens have to pay the prices. When, someone buys a device (mostly electronic ones), they become unusable and out of use within a few days. When one fills the tanker of his car with fuel, the engine will stop its normal function and finally would damage that needed to be taken to the technician. But such commodities are still being imported into the country and this appears that there are still some former corrupt individuals disturbing the situation and allowing low-quality commodities to import. After the takeover of the Islamic Emirate to power, the officials announced a ban on the import of low-quality commodities to the country, but nothing tangible had been made in this field and such goods are still being imported to the country. However, the related organs of the Islamic Emirate have frequently returned huge amounts of low-quality fuels to the exporting countries. This time, the organs concerned of the Islamic Emirate, particularly, the Ministry of Industry and Commerce should not remain incompetent about the import of low-quality goods, as they call themselves the real representatives of the people and want to fight any type of corruption in the country, which has long suffered frauds and forgery. The commission which is appointed to monitor the process of imports should have trustable, sincere and honest members who were committed to the country and the nation. Time has now reaped to put an end to the past wide corruption and frauds in any aspects of the people’s lives including imposing a resolute ban on the import of low-quality goods, controlling the prices and identifying those behind the destruction of economic and social orders in the country.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.