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Low-quality fuel should be returned, official

FARAH: Up to 20 percent of low-quality oil has entered the country via the Shaikh Abul Nasr Farahi ground port, a local official confirmed the other day.
Head of Afghanistan Norm and Standard of the port, Mawlavi Ehsanullah told media that up to 20 percent of the Iranian low-quality oil is entered the country via the commercial port, which should be returned.
According to him, low-quality fuel has several times returned to the neighboring country and efforts were underway to restrict and prevent the import of low-quality oil into the country.
The official said that he held a joint meeting with the Iranian authorities regarding low-quality oil imports to the country.
“They pledged not to sell low-quality oil to the Afghan businessmen and they should remain committed to their pledges in the future,” said the official.
This is while, a high-level delegation of the Islamic Emirate and the Islamic Republic of Iran has recently signed an agreement, under which, up to 350,000 tons of oil are said to be imported to the country in the near future.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.