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Let’s not leave our country

The supreme leader of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, Mawlavi Hibatullah Akhundzada called on the local officials to respect the extended general amnesty and to encourage the countrymen to not leave
their country.
In a meeting with the elders and local officials of southern Kandahar province, Amir-ul-Muminin reiterated his call to the Islamic Emirate forces to observe the general amnesty to the whole officials of the previous government as the act will dishearten the countrymen and make them flee the country.
The IEA’s supreme leader also called on the citizens to not leave Afghanistan, but remain serving for the development of their homeland.
The 18 points decree of the leader, within a remark to the provincial authorities, mostly focused on the IEA forces’ behavior with the previous government security forces, urging them to remain committed to the general amnesty, ensuring justice and encouraging the people to not leave the country.
This is a fact that if the militaries of the Islamic Emirate violate the leader’s order on respecting the amnesty and misbehave with the previous government officials, they will lose the trust of the nation.
The forces should realize this that any misbehave with the former government officials or ordinary people will make the people leave the country and cause a brain drain and flee of the professional and skilled individuals, something the Amir-ul-Muminin’s decree seriously calls for avoidance.
Also, those leaving the country should be notified that (as reports said) many of those have left the country are denied to be given humanitarian entry in some foreign countries, including the U.S. and they are
now living in uncertainty.
They are now facing critical situation including ambiguity of their future in the hosting countries as well as some are forced to return home.
So, no Afghan citizen need to leave their country, either because of economic problem or any other reasons, as everything will get better with the efforts being made by the Islamic Emirate and the situation will
return normal step by step.
The country’s frozen funds will be released soon as discussions on the issue, are underway and the international community including the regional and neighboring countries would undeniably recognize the Islamic Emirate. Recently some countries have taken the politically recognition of the IEA under consideration.
The world powers should know that the Islamic Emirate has formed a caretaker cabinet based on the requirement of the time, after the immediate changes in the country and that efforts are going on to ensure
all human rights, including those of the women and girls’ education.
Therefore, all Afghan citizens have to remain in their motherland, take part in the reconstruction of their country and work for a better and bright future of their own and their nation. Seeking refuge in the alien
country, where they are burdened with the meanest hard labors, cures nothing except miseries and destituteness.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.