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Let’s get together!

By: Amin Wardak

The secret of success and civilization is unity! So, you can’t be civilized unless you are united.
It is the unity that breaks the chains of slavery.
When we were united we are strong! When scattered we lose our power. Unity is the greatest sign of strength.
The Islamic caliphate has ruled over half of the world (with the force of unity)
The most backward and fallen communities are the scattered communities.
One who does not work for unity, to call him vigilant is big treason (Betrayal).
When unity is vanished, so is love.
Power and wealth (both) are gained through unity.
He is the one with the highest level of thought who loves unity and works for it.
The ranks of the enemy that have not been dispersed cannot be broken.
A wall never collapses only when cracked.
A flood that is directed in to different ways cannot cause damage.
The Western world then progressed when they became united.
They are unions that expand influence and territory.
The Germans would kiss Berlin Wall and bow to it but when they realized, they picked up and destroyed it.
The wisest people are the ones who are united.
The word (unity) must be written with gold. Success (victory) is easy, but managerial consistency isn’t. Because success requires courage, but management needs knowledge and political insight; yet neither can work until unity prevails. Unity is not a slogan! Unity is action, unity is work.
. The atmosphere of life is provided by the solar system, but the solar system is also based on unity and the same law is its energy-reinforcing force.
Why are sand dams in front of water considered irrational? If union laws were broken in the universe, the world would deteriorate on the same day.
Knowledge cannot create unity; the mind creates it.
Because I have seen many scholars who are not united, but there are no such people among the wise.
Union structure starts from home! Whoever appoints an Amir should ask his relatives and neighbors, if they are approved of him, he should be appointed if not better to appoint him as a shepherd!
Unity cannot be brought with sword but with intellect.
Those who are not united they don’t let others to be united.
First houses, then villages, then tribe come together, when that happened! Then we will omit (eliminate) borders.
The foundation of unity is laid in your home.
See the chain lift in a garage used by the mechanic for lifting a big cars motor
“There are only two things “unity of wheels and slow (cautious) movement.
My recommendation! Today’s crisis (which crushes Afghans!) can only be removed by unity; so let’s unite.
Let’s put our hands together (instead of blaming and breaking each other).
Everyone must work hard (for the sake of unity).
The alliance must also start from home.
“Then we will unite the house with the village, the village with the tribe and the tribe with the tribes, ones done so, then we will bring all the tribes under the roof of a single government, so when we create a single and united administration Let us form alliances, so that we may shrug our shoulders and enter a life of honor.
God willing! I am sure that if we do not unite, we will come under another attack and if we unite, the good news is that I will be loved, civilized and independent.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.