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Let’s compare Israel and Hamas

Israel has the world’s one of the most well-spent-on, heavily trained, technologically advanced and wellequipped military. With 500,000 troops strength and a budget of 24 billion dollars (per capita expenditure is the second highest in the world), it has stateof-the-art tanks, artillery, drones, missiles, helicopters, armored vehicles, aircraft, and nuclear weapons. Hamas is simply a militant organization consisting of fighters with handheld hand carried weapons at most. Their actual strength is only estimated to be around 10,000 but even the highest estimates don’t go higher than 40,000. Their state-of-the-art weapon is Qassam rocket which is too inaccurate, short-range, and practically never hits a target. Now let’s see how Israel fights Hamas, or generally, how it fights Palestinians, or even more generally how it fights people who are economically, politically, militarily, and liberally far inferior to Israel. Let’s take an example of the current ongoing war. In the current ongoing war, Israel’s strategy is to bomb the whole of Gaza indiscriminately either it be civilian areas such as hospitals, residential areas, critical infrastructure or use other non-military but inhumane tactics such as closure of aid, food supplies, electricity, etc. to Gaza. Israel launched its offensive on October 7. On the very first day, it brought down to the ground Palestine Tower, a 14-storey residential building and struck two hospitals. The next day, targets started including residential blocks and mosques. October 9 saw a complete blockade of the supply of electricity, fuel, and food. On October 10 the indiscriminate attacking and destruction of non-military sites escalated – Residential tower Hajji Tower was razed; multiple neighborhoods were completely bombed out. Oct 11 and onwards included attacks on educational institutions (Islamic University of Gaza), refugee camps, and paramedics. These collective, indiscriminate, and carpet bombing continued and on Oct 19 Israel bombed the oldest church of Gaza, the Church of Saint Porphyrius. In so far days of war, Israel has killed at least over 4000 civilians including 853 children and 836 women and displaced 1 million people, half of Gaza’s population. As of now, Palestine is out of body bags (for those martyred) and morgues are overfilled and don’t have space for more bodies. Syed Muhammad Hamza

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.