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Let’s all get together and work for a united & developed Afghanistan

Security has now improved across Afghanistan and the country is free and calm, but in some areas in the country’s north, Afghans are still suffering, there are still the cracks of bullets and smell of explosives in beautiful valleys.
Yes! They are also parts of our body, and whenever they’re in pan, we’re in pan.
But the main question is: who has created the problems there and what do they want?
Although it is not possible to answer this question with just a few lines as it is a fundamental and sensitive question, I will try to write a brief and open answer to this question.
Almost 75 years ago when the then Britain agreed to the partitioning of India and Afghanistan and Pakistan was established and left the two countries (Afghanistan and India) with an unsolvable dispute regarding the borders, then at the same time made plans to partition the East Pakistan (Bengal) and Northern Afghanistan.
Two decades later, the then Great Britain was able to partition Pakistan but failed to divide Afghanistan because of brave and visionary thinking of Afghan leaders.
As everybody has noticed in the past two decades during which some so-called figures of the country’s north were shouting for federalism, the Islamic Emirate leaders took a clever step and with the blessing hands of Mullah Abdul Salam Akhund captured Kunduz and spoiled the partition dream of those shouting for division and federalism system in the country.
The word division and partition of Afghanistan which is being echoed by some figures is not new.
It was started in 1970 and later the opportunists got more chances particularly when the Soviet Union invaded Afghanistan. During the respective period, Pakistan, U.S. and the then Soviet Union indirectly started working for the division and partition of Afghanistan by installing Sibghatullah Mujadidi and later Burhanuddin Rabbani with giving the defense ministry to Ahmad Shah Masoud.
There were some others who were also involved in destruction of Kabul. For example, Mazari, Sayyaf, Rabbani and Hekmatyar, Masoud and Dustom have been all considered as big killers of the people of Kabul during the civil war in the country.
It is very interesting that some of them have been given the title of National Hero and Marshal.
Why did these people not oppose the aggression and continuation of the western invasion? Why were they given a bigger and sweeter portion? Why didn’t they suffer in the past two decades of U.S. invasion? Why the invaders did not aggressively enter Panjshir? All these questions are based on; these controversialists only want to divide Afghanistan.
Those who are shouting for the division and partition of Afghanistan should know that nobody and no groups or nor tribes would get benefit from a divided Afghanistan. Instead, they should work for a united Afghanistan as all can hugely benefit from a one and united Afghanistan.
The Hazara brothers are our capital, the Tajiks have decorated and managed all officers, the Turkmen, the Uzbeks, the Gujr, the Imaq, the Pashayee, the Nuristanis and the Baluchis have made the country’s lands, valleys, deserts and mountains beautiful.
The Pashtuns have won the field, meaning that all tribes are members of our country; therefore, let’s get united and save our country from any division and partition. It is a very good chance to help the current system and government as its honest and pious leaders are working honestly for a united and developed Afghanistan.
Now, it’s time to get together and get united and work shoulder to shoulder for a developed Afghanistan.
Amin Wardak

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.