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Lawmakers welcome new war strategy

Recently, Afghanistan’s National Security Council has reported about bringing change in war strategy.
Lawmakers say that the new war strategy should be arranged as it can be effective in wars and help prevent civilian casualties.
Security, defensive and intelligence agencies should work jointly on a war strategy to satisfy the people as well as prevent joining people with the Taliban and other insurgent groups.
They believe that the war strategy has so far been improper and caused the people to be unsatisfied.
The new war strategy would help prevent civilian casualties on one hand and can be effective in suppressing the government armed insurgents on the other, NSC spokesperson Tariq Aryan said.
This is while the UN organization has recently expressed concern over increasing civilian casualties in the country.
Military experts say that Afghanistan’s war is not in frontlines but is a guerrilla one, thus, all security entities should further focus on Special Forces overnight operations in new war strategy.
Afghanistan is facing with a guerilla war, thus, the most important attacks are those being done secretively, a military expert Jawid Kohistani said.
Sometimes, the enemy hides in locals’ houses, thus, heavy weapons should not be used there and the Special Forces should be further focused in this regard, he further said.
Using heavy weapons and air forces is failed in guerilla war and would increase the civilian casualties, he added.
The government of Afghanistan is obliged to use any possible means and ensure the citizens security, an expert Mujiburrahman Orya said.
Citizens’ security is related to their close cooperation with the government and security forces, otherwise no one will have safety, he stressed.
He added the government should push away the war from residential areas and make effort not to harm civilians during military operations.
Calling ending war and acceleration of peace talks one of the key ways to protect civilians, a civil society activist, Safia Seddiqi stressed on bringing change in war strategy.
Political and economic pressures as peaceful ways are the best options to prevent civilian casualties, she said.
She added the government should make effort to accelerate peace talks with those warring-sides that accept the constitution and want to end war.
Despite national and international efforts, still war is ongoing in some parts of the country, thus, a strategy is needed to be effective against enemy and help prevent civilian casualties during military operations.
Suraya Raiszada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.