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Lawmakers shouldn’t be lawbreakers

The lawmakers’ differences in the house over election of the house speaker is unfortunately being changed to an ethnic dispute.
Certain individuals and groups inside and outside the house exploiting social media and other means intending to give these differences ethnic color and create this mentality among people that trible and linguistic disputes are the roots of these differences and as if each of these tribes of Pashtuns and Tajiks are not ready to accept the leadership of the other, and due to this reason, election of the house speaker has taken all this long time.
Unfortunately, actions and opinions of some lawmakers have further flourishing this mentality and encouraged those who have always been intending to create disunity and ethnic divergence among people.
We see that a sedition may have happened, if selection is prevented, may cause greater problems and challenges ahead of our people in long term. All of us are obliged to prevent this riot. We interpreted this case as a sedition due to this reason that certain individuals and groups are likely and deliberately leading this situation in the direction of tribal disunity at the order and dictate of alien’s spy agencies.
Prior to this it had been said that some countries and external secret services who never want to see dignity and national convergence of Afghan people and our people unity and solidarity is like a thorn into their eye, plan to target this priceless social element. Because unity and solidarity have always been one of the instruments of our dignity and power of our patriotism.
Every time we had been united, we had dignity and whenever we had been clashing, been destroyed and lost everything. As Holy Quran has said, don’t dispute each other, you will be weakened and lose your dignity and pride.
Meanwhile the country’s enemies and the insurgents sparing no effort to bring about disunity and mistrust among Afghans and targeting specific ethnic groups to push the country towards civil and ethnic war which would have very negative consequences on both the country and civilians.
In the first step verbal dispute and even physical clash of the MPs paved the way for those individuals or social groups who are either sick or have unfortunately been hunted by enemies’ plots or are mercenaries and ordered by foreign countries and their secret agencies to create disunity among people and exploit every opportunity to ethnicize every issue and create gap among the united ranks of Afghans.
Therefore, at this juncture of time where the country’s security forces are fighting terrorism and drug smugglers in each and every corner of Afghanistan, the people and MPs should be united against all odds and never allow enemies to use the gap for their own ugly interests.
The MPs should find acceptable ways to solve the ongoing issues as soon as possible, since dozens of laws and legal documents are yet to be discussed by the house and approved by the lawmakers. Parliament is the place of lawmakers and it shouldn’t be changed to a place for lawbreakers.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.