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Lapis Lazuli Corridor connecting Afghanistan to Europe

Ministry of Higher Education (MoHE) says Lapis Lazuli Corridor is a historic route and a strategic project for Afghanistan. The ministry stresses on further awareness of Afghan youth regarding importance of the route that can play key role in economic development of Afghanistan and helps the country connect to regional and European countries.
Addressing a scientific think tank on Lapis Lazuli route and its impacts on Afghanistan held at Kabul University, minister of higher education Najibullah Khawaja Omari considered the route as significant for economic development and connection of the country to other regional countries.
He stressed that the importance of Lapis Laazuli Port should be discussed at all universities of the country.
“Holding scientific gatherings and debates on development projects such as Lapis Lazuli and its impacts on security and economy of Afghanistan and regional countries is among works which should be planned in awareness programs. Our lecturers at all universities can better analyze benefits of the Lapis Lazuli route and academically deliver consultations in this regard,” Omari added.
He also insisted that they would make effort to conduct scientific researches in connection with the historic route and other economic and development projects in the country.
Another speaker in the scientific think tank was the Chancellor of Kabul University Hamidullah Farooqi, who said that execution of the country’s economic projects including the Lapis lazuli route was in fact a step towards freeing Afghanistan from dependency to particular countries in the region.
Turkish ambassador to Kabul, participating also in the gathering, delivered a speech and assured that his country would fully support Afghanistan’s connection with regional countries through Lapis Lazuli route.
“Turkey is supporting any initiative towards connection Afghanistan with regional countries,” Turkish ambassador said, adding that Turkey is playing crucial role in operation of the route in the field of transit and transportation.
He also said that connection of Afghanistan with regional countries could play a fundamental role in maintaining peace in the country as opening and launching such development projects had direct relation to peace.
Meanwhile, an Afghan economic expert and analyst Shir Ali Tazari told The Kabul Times correspondent that Lapis Lazuli Port was a key economic project for Afghanistan and it was necessary that Afghan university students should be aware of importance of the route.
He also praised the ministry of higher education for holding such scientific debate, adding that holding such gathering helped students enhance their information and awareness.
Beginning in Afghanistan’s northern Faryab province and Turghundi in Herat, Lapis Lazuli Corridor continues to Turkmenbashi, Turkmenistan and after crossing the Caspian Sea, links to the Azerbaijani capital Baku to Tbilisi and Georgia’s Black Sea ports of Batumi and Poti. After connecting with Kars in eastern Turkey, it proceeds to Istanbul and ends in Europe.
The corridor connects with Turkey’s Middle Corridor Project (East-West Trans-Caspian Trade and Transport Corridor) and complements other regional transport corridors, such as the Five Nations Railway Corridor.
Shukria Kohistani

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