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“Land should be a mean for production, not for usurpation,” President Ghani

KABUL: President Mohammad Ashraf Ghani on Thursday attended “Fifth National Conference on Agricultural Promotion” here in Loya Jirga Tent, a statement from presidential press office said.
According to the statement, president Ghani addressed the conference which was attended by 3000 farmers across the country, saying the government spared no effort to find markets for farmers’ products and opened land and air corridors.
“Marketing is the duty of each Afghan minister, diplomats and the embassies. If there would be no bazar, then there would be no changes in production,” the president said, adding Afghan farmers, in particular, women entrepreneurs were holding keys of Afghanistan’s economic independency.
Emphasizing on water management and better utilizing of the resources, the president said Afghanistan should reserve at least 20 billion cubic meters of water, adding initial steps were taken for the better management of the country’s waters. “Land should be for production, not for usurpation.”
The president also emphasized on management of the country’s pastures, saying government prioritizing modern livestock for the nomads, instructed the line ministries to take steps on the matter.
“Kochis “Nomads” don’t belong to a specific region or language, but to the all tribes,” the president added. He went on saying that government’s main goal was to change Afghanistan from an importer to and exporter one.
Meanwhile minister of agriculture and livestock thanked President Ghani for his support, said that the programs was held to brief the farmers on the ministry’s programs as well as to hear their demands and problems.
Pointing to last year’s drought and its consequences, the minister said his ministry could tackle the challenges to a large extent.
In-charge of the Poultry Union Maroof Zafar said the union was having 10824 poultry farms across the country, adding 983 million USD were invested on the sector.
“120 thousands of people were directly and 263 thousand of others were indirectly involved in the sector,” he added saying Afghanistan needed 295 thousand metric tons of chicken annually and the domestic firms could produce 219 thousand metric tons of chicken. “Afghanistan needs 1160 millions of eggs annually and the firms could produce 600 million eggs.”
Thanking president, Kochis representative asked government to ease them assistance in foodstuffs, establishing of water reserves, education, pastures and marketing of their products.
A female farmer Rohana from Sorubi district of Kabul enumerated a number of female farmers’ problems, asking government to do more for promotion of women’s agricultural products and establishing of spring houses.
One of Herat’s Gardner said due to lack of supports, the farmers and gardeners had left their villages and migrated to major cities, but with the support of agriculture ministry they went back to their districts for works and once again started their agricultural activities.
At the end the National Procurement Authority signed an agreement with Maidan-Wardak Gardner’s’ Union to include Maidan-Wardak apples in ANDSF and government employees’ menus.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.