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Kunduz health officials report 28 cases of Congo fever, 3 dead

Provincial Public Health Directorate of the Kunduz province in a statement said that this year, 28 cases of CrimeanCongo fever have been recorded in Kunduz, in which three people lost their lives. Director of Kunduz Public Health Directorate, Najibullah Sahil, has established a special department for treating Congo fever at the infectious diseas es hospital, showcasing his commitment to public health. “We were fully prepared before the Congo fever [outbreak]; we activated the infectious disease hospital, and all services are free,” the statement quoted Sahil as saying. “Whatever the patients need; medicines, food … all these are free, so there are no problems, and people should not worry,” he added. Earlier, 36 instances of Crimean-Congo fever were reported in the western province of Herat, including five deaths. Meanwhile, previously in Takhar province, three cases of Congo fever were reported, one of which resulted in patient death. Meanwhile, butchers in the province say their sales have dropped considerably due to the spread of this disease and people are afraid of eating meat. “Since Congo fever appeared, the business has dropped; it used to be good, but we don’t even sell five kilos of meat a day,” said a butcher. The residents of Kunduz have meanwhile welcomed the awareness campaigns around Congo fever that have been launched by the authorities. Congo fever, a viral disease, is commonly spread from animals to humans through ticks, particularly during slaughter. The main symptoms of the disease include fever, heartburn, diarrhea, internal and external bleeding, neck discomfort, and eye pain. There is no vaccine available for either people or animals, according to the World Health Organization. The virus causes severe viral hemorrhagic fever outbreaks, with a case fatality rate of between 10 and 40%. The hosts of the virus include a wide range of wild and domestic animals such as cattle, sheep and goats. Muqsid

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.