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Knowledge; the only way to advance

After more than forty years of hardships and difficulties, it has been three years since Afghanistan has reached countrywide peace and security and the flag of its independence and freedom has been raised nationwide. During the last forty years period, our country was even attacked by two world superpowers and lost all its infrastructure and all its belongings. The aggression and occupation of these two vicious powers took Afghanistan to such an extent that it required years to rebuild. Its economy collapsed, the infrastructures were devastated and millions of its people were either killed, disabled, or sought migration to other countries, where they are now facing harsh conditions and experiencing difficult times. The then western-backed poppet regimes looted public properties and usurped state and people lands. No one had the right to defend their rights or properties, as the warlords and men of power as well as government officials and the so-called parliamentarians had been claiming to be the main possessors of the country and they had been doing what they wanted. But, with the victory of the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan, the ground has become favorable for Afghanistan to end its downward course and then start an upward to embrace glory and prosperity, with the new generation being encouraged to work hard for prosperity and tranquility of their nation and country. To help the country reach further development and prosperity, the will and motivation of the people and our Islamic system need to be used. The new generation should be dynamic and at the forefront to lead their society and country towards development. There is no doubt that when the nation and the government both rush towards progress and development with strong will and full determination, the country will reach the peaks of prosperity and progress as soon as possible, and the clouds of prosperity will cast a shadow over our people and the war-ravaged nation will say a lasting goodbye to poverty and destituteness. Now that a bright atmosphere of freedom and peace has prevailed in Afghanistan, the youth of the country should rush to education and arm themselves with the weapons of science and knowledge. It is clear that knowledge has enlightened the world and brought people to the heights of progress, development and civilization, so, if we are eager to learn religious sciences and contemporary knowledge and modern technology and access to this blessing, undoubtedly we can compete with the developed nations in any fields and professions. The world owes science and knowledge as science and technology have led the world to the galaxies and nowadays, the world is looking for new discoveries and seeking to discover more planets that previous humans were unable to do. Let us also arm ourselves with the available modern technology besides religious knowledge and take ourselves out of backwardness, regression and deprivations and enjoy all the advantages and beauty of life like the rest of the world.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.