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Khwarazmi blames America for destroying Afghanistan before leaving

KABUL: The spokes person of the Min istry of National Defense Enayatullah Khwarazmi, in an interview with a local radio, said that America destroyed all military vehicles before leaving Afghanistan. According to him, the United States and NATO destroyed all military vehicles and weapons in the bases and Kabul International Airport. “After the victory, there was not even a single healthy plane, after which dozens of planes were repaired with the help of Afghan engineers, and used to rescue citizens in difficult situations,” he said. Answering a question, he said:” With the help of Afghan engineers military vehicles were repaired across the country and the process continues”. The Afghan forces have discovered and seized weapons and military vehicles from illegal people around the country and handed them over to the government, he said. He also added:” The number of the country’s National Army reaches 150-200 thousand.” The leadership of the ministry is not in favor of war, but if war breaks out, the Afghan border and defense forces are ready to defend the country, he further said, adding that the Afghan forces are working day and night to save the countrymen in difficult situation

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.