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Khalilzad’s trips to region for Afghanistan peace efforts

By: Lailuma Noori

US Special Peace Envoy for Afghanistan, Zalmay Khalilzad, has started his new round of visits to South and Central Asia as well as the Middle East, the US State Department said in a statement on Saturday.
“In his travel, Ambassador Khalilzad will continue to engage in determined diplomacy and the pursuit of a peace agreement between the Islamic Republic and the Taliban. As part of the United States’ ongoing support of the peace process, he will work with all parties and with regional and international stakeholders to further advance a consensus on a political settlement,” the statement said.
The US State Department said that political accommodation on the part of all sides remains urgent and stressed on a political agreement to end the ongoing war in Afghanistan.
“The sooner the sides can agree to a negotiated settlement, the sooner Afghanistan and the region can reap the benefits of peace, including expanded regional connectivity, trade, and development,” it added.
The statement further said that in Tashkent, Ambassador Khalilzad would participate in an international conference hosted by the Government of Uzbekistan on regional connectivity. Khalilzad will also pay a visit to Doha to see how he can help in progress of political roadmap, a permanent and comprehensive ceasefire with negotiating teams of the Taliban and Afghanistan government.
Meanwhile, Afghan political experts believe that Khalilzad’s visit to the region conveys a message that all sides to ongoing conflict have reached to a conclusion that Afghanistan’s dispute has no military solution.
Afghanistan government is insisting on ceasefire by the Taliban group. US special peace envoy for Afghanistan has started his consultative meetings with leaders of the respective countries. His meetings are aimed at sharing visions, suggestions and peace plans so that these visions result finally in a comprehensive plan in case they are productive.
Besides, his meetings have been planned to expedite peace efforts, stress on urgently ending violence and bloodshed and exchange vision on causes to help maintain lasting peace to the country.
There is no concern for Afghanistan government as US is making effort to support the current system of the Afghanistan and prevent from falling the country into hand of terrorist groups again. The US might not do this for the sake of Afghan people but for keeping its international image and its liberal democratic ideology.
In addition to visiting Afghanistan and Pakistan, the US special peace envoy for Afghanistan will pay visits to Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan, Belgium, UAE and Qatar. This comes amid increasing insecurities and surge in Taliban attacks and violence across the country. Meanwhile, the US administration has asked regional countries particularly Afghanistan’s neighbors to help in succeeding the Afghan peace process.
Afghanistan passing a historic moment as security situation is deteriorating after passing each single day. On the one hand, the infectious disease of COVID-19 has made life bitter for the people. Besides, war and displacement have made people destitute. The war, however, is a double-edged sword that has been imposed on Afghans for decades. If deadly COVID-19 pandemic is not controlled, at least the war can be stopped through talks. It is up to the either side of the negotiating team to find a way for political settlement of ongoing disputes in the country.


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