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Khalilzad; a good mediator between Kabul and Taliban

There are signs that the visit of Zalmai Khalilzad the special envoy of US foreign secretary to some countries of the region aiming to facilitate peace negotiation between Afghan government and Taliban has some successes.
The most important aim of the visit is to satisfy Taliban to inter negotiation with Afghan government via mediation of those countries.
Khalilzad visited Pakistan, United Arabic Emirates and Qatar; the countries that have influence on Taliban.
The three first countries when Taliban ruled in Afghanistan officially recognized their so-called Islamic Emirate and Qatar presently hosting their unofficial political office in Doha.
Khalilzad arrived Qatar in a time, the official representatives of Taliban were there. He is due to meet them there. Khalilzad is considered as an effective figure in Afghanistan problem. In addition that he is of Afghan origin has precise recognition with Afghan political circles especially the former mujahidin, at the same time with some Pakistani circles and also he has relation with some political figures in America. Khalilzad before visiting Qatar had visited high ranking officials of Afghanistan, Pakistan and Saudi Arabia. As it been said, the role of Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Qatar is very important for convincing Taliban for negation with Afghan government.
Mahmood Quraishi foreign minister of Pakistan earlier has said that his country would not spare any effort for establishing peace in Afghanistan.
In the meantime, Pakistani authorities at the commencement of Afghan peace process negotiations calling the role of Saudi Arabia effective and said that Saudi Arabia can draw Taliban to negotiation table with Afghan government.
The experts of political affairs in connection with negotiation with Talban have different views. Some believe that Khalilzad is driving on one way street, in his efforts, only the one side players has considered, while there are other players who are also involved in Afghan problem, Russia, Iran and China the main rivals of US and Saudi Arabia are on the scene and India has also vital interests in Afghanistan that should not be ignored.
Ahamad Sayeedi political affairs analyst says negotiation with Taliban would be without any result, he claims that since Afghan problem is a regional and beyond regional one, until the Afghan forces, regional countries Pakistan and Iran and beyond regional countries such as America, Russia and China not reach in an understanding, no any negotiations give a positive result.
Someone say Afghanistan is the playground of those countries without their agreement no efforts would give a positive result.
However, Jawid Kohistani is optimistic to peace talks, says that Khalilzad’s efforts would not be without result. International and public opinions in America and in international arena have exerted pressure for ending the war in Afghanistan, therefore we are optimistic for the efforts to bring good results.
Kohistani considering Khalilzad the best option for following the process says that since Khalilzad was earlier an Afghan citizen and knows Afghanistan better and honestly work on that end prepare the ground for talks with Taliban for establishing a broad-based government in Afghanistan.
A number of political experts insist that the issue depends on Afghans. The developments indicate that foreign countries including America, Russia, Iran, Saudi Arabia, Qatar, United Arabic Emirates, Pakistan and China are working in Afghanistan for ensuring their own interests and this is our people who sustain heavy casualties and losses in proxy war launched in their country. Therefore, it would be better for Taliban considering their national interests sever their way with aliens. In this case there would be no need for the aliens’ efforts.
Abdul Khalil Menawi

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