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Key changes in security institutions

The Afghan government has recently changed leadership of Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Interior and appointed Gen Bismillah Mohammadi as acting MoD instead of Asadullah Khalid, Gen Wali Mohammad Ahmadzai instead of Gen Yasin Zia as chief of MoD General Staff and Abdul Satar Mizakwal instead of Hayatullah Hayat as acting interior minister. This decision of the government was extensively welcomed by the Afghan masses.
A number of experts described appointments of Mohammadi and Ahmadzai in MoD leadership who bears main responsibility of war against Taliban, as the best and correct gesture. In a circumstance that Taliban have started extensive offensives to occupy further geography and take initiative in the battlefield as well as ANDSF bases and Headquarters are falling respectively in certain districts at the hand of Taliban, shake up in war leadership was essential to create a movement and refresh the security management.
Change in MoD and MoI leadership impacts to along extent on security situation. Under and in the light of new changes, the Afghan soldiers would gain double morale and would continue their just war against the country’s enemies.
Indeed, the new changes in MoD leadership and appointment of anti-Taliban figures as acting MoD and chief of Staff, is a frank message of Afghan government to Taliban insurgents. With these changes, the Afghan government in fact has inculcated to Taliban that their efforts for victory through war will be vein and would be suppressed if continue militancy.
New changes in war leadership and appointment of those figures who have a background of long war experience against Taliban, indicates that the Afghan government wants to resist stronger than before against Taliban’s militancy and give similar response to their offensives.
Now, the Afghan government should bring change in its war and defense policy. The leaders of defense and security institutions are required to be given further authority to enable and capable them to act with complete independence and adopt practical plans and programs to bridle Taliban plots.
New leaders of MoD and MoI should play active role in ensuring security and halting of threats stemming from Taliban attacks. The prevailing situation in the country requires the MoD and MoI leaders not to lead the war from behind their desks, but from the battlefields.
They should time and again attend corps, military HQs and war fronts and improve moral of soldiers, officers and commanders, ask and remove their problems, highlight the weak points and failures in procurement and logistic supplies of war fronts and tackle their needs in the battlefields.
Soldiers and officers should be given assurance that the government support and back them with all its powers at every condition and they should never feel themselves alone in the front line.
Since Taliban have never been true to peace and stability in the country, therefore it’s the time that the new security leaderships should do more to suppress them in each and every corner of the country, so that to prevent collapse of the country’s provinces and districts as well as protect the people from their militancy and barbarism.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.