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Kazimi tries hard for Afghanistan economic development

On Nov 6, deadly incident in Baghlan martyred Sayed Mustafa Kazimi and six members of the country’s national assembly.
Sayed Mustafa Kazimi was making effort for economic development of the country. During his career as minister of commerce and later head of economic commission of parliament, he tried to codify and create fruitful economic policy for the country. Soon after the interim administration of Afghanistan led by Hamid Karzai was formed, the only ministry led by Sayed Mustafa Kazimi was created and coordinated.
He was able to renovate the old and traditional administrative system of the ministry and results of the renovation was felt after few months in Afghanistan level. In circumstance which all structures of the commerce ministry were routed, Kazimi succeeded to fulfill hard works by creating a successful economic system in the ministry.
Although execution of necessary program to conduct reforms in distribution of license for private investors faced first with lots of protests, results of the program soon showed launching of hundreds of trade companies in Afghanistan helped increase budget of the country with millions of dollars.
Reduction of custom tariffs’ price of European countries in proportionate with Afghanistan trade goods was another key achievement of Kazimi. This paved the way for the people of Afghanistan to easily sell and transit their products in world markets.
After elected as member of lower house of parliament, he was selected as head of economic commission of the parliament as he had enough experiences in economy. By new plans he had for Afghanistan’s economic sector, he wanted everything to be based on the country’s law.
On Nov 6 2007, Sayed Mustafa Kazimi paid a visit to Baghlan to open a sugar factory and review economic situation in the country’s north. During his visit to the factory, a suicide bomber blew himself up and martyred Kazimi, who was amongst a delegation of politicians and lawmakers visiting the province. The attack also martyred dozens of school students and local people invited in the ceremony to greet the visiting lawmakers. The attack was condemned in national and international level.
Engineer Abdul Matin, a parliament member (MP) from the province of Helmland, Sibgatullah Zaki, a MP from the province of Takhar, Haji Sahib Rahman Hemat, a member from the province of Kunar, Nazik Mir Sarferaz, a member from the Kunduz province and Mohammad Arif Zarif, a MP from Kabul were among those martyred in the incident.
Enemies of the people of Afghanistan who do not want Afghans to live in peaceful environment are always in ambush to target national and influenced figures of the country.
It is worth mentioning that Sayed Mustafa Kazimi was a prominent politician, lawmaker and influenced figure in Afghanistan.
He was one of the leaders and the spokesperson for the opposition movement known as the United National Front.
He was a former minister of commerce in the transitional government led by Hamid Karzai.

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