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Karim Mushahid, an unforgotten elite of Afghanistan

Ustad Karim Mushahid is one of the unforgotten elites of Afghanistan who has been able to produce electricity from capsules. In an exclusive interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, Mushahid said that he has been graduated from Meteorology school where he was accepted as a teacher, adding that he, later on, joined Afghanistan Air Forces and served there until he retired.
Pointing to his invention, Ustad Mushahid said he started to work on capsules which could produce electricity in late 1980, adding that he had shared his achievements with the previous relevant government organs, but unfortunately, they paid no attention to his work.
“My first invention was the solar ‘Samawar’, used for boiling the water. It could produce electricity from the light of sun even in cold winter,” Ustad Mushahid said, adding that he wrote a book titled ‘Achievement of 21st Century’.
He further said that his inventions were based on the verses of the Holy Quran as the Quran proved that the human body is made of iron, phosphorus, silicon and other elements.
“I, therefore, was also able to go ahead with the experiences he had learned from the Holy Quran and he then succeeded in making the electricity generation device,” Mushahid said, adding that now he wanted to prove to the mankind that he has learned from the Holy Quran and that he has made discoveries and inventions in accordance to the instructions of the Quran.
Mushahid worked for several years in the Academy of Sciences, whose members okayed all his discoveries and inventions although the high-ranking officials of the previous government did not pay attention to his work and mostly used it for their own benefit.
Pointing to writing dozens of books, Mushahid said that he has written 150 books and has been interested in introducing his inventions to the people so that the people could use them, asking the world to help Afghanistan in various fields, particularly in industry and agriculture.
In his interview, he said that he made a solar instrument that could bake and cook 8kg of food, asking the Islamic Emirate relevant organs to support him in his further work and invention. He also asserted that he wanted to prove that he could do more discoveries in light of the instructions of the Holy Quran and tradition of Prophet Mohammad.
Mohammad Daud

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.