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Kandahar University lecturers, students hold protest against U.S. freezing national assets

KANDAHAR: The Afghanistan National Agriculture Sciences and Technology University (ANASTU) in southern Kandahar province held a protesting demonstration against the unfair decision of the U.S. regarding the frozen assets of Afghanistan.
The protest took place at the Aino Maina campus and was attended by the university leadership, lecturers and students.
During the protest, the lecturers provided information about the importance of Afghanistan’s asset, unfair decision of the U.S. and its
negative impacts on the country’s fragile economy.
They called unfair and reprehensible the decision by U.S. President Joe Biden, to send half of the frozen assets (3.5 billion) to Afghanistan in the form of humanitarian aid and another half  (3.5billion) paid to the victims of 9/ 11.
Meanwhile, it was emphasized that the asset of Afghanistan belonged to the Afghan nation not to a certain group or party; and no one has the right to distribute the assets of Afghans irresponsibly During the meeting, the students also shared their views and said
that the value of these assets was very important for the country’s
national currency and the international credibility of Afghan businessmen whose distribution will make the country face economic and political crisis.
At the end of the demonstration, U.S. was called to review its unfair decision regarding the frozen assets of Afghanistan and stop harassing the Afghan nation.
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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.