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Kandahar Museum with 850 historical artifacts

The historical works of Kandahar Museum, which goes to nearly 6,000 years of history, are related to six historical periods, including the Stone period, Bronze, Kushani, Bakhtari, Islamic period, and the new Contemporary period. According to officials of the Kandahar Museum, currently, 850 types of historical artifacts are preserved in Museum, they are related to the Stone, Bronze, Kushani and Islamic periods. Abdul Shukur Sapand, the provincial head of Kandahar Information and Culture for Art, said that there are hundreds of historical works that have a history of nearly 6,000 years and are currently preserved and stored in the Kandahar Museum. “Kandahar National Museum should be more enriched as it is one of the biggest museums in Afghanistan,” Sapand said. According to Sapand, Kandahar Museum is one of the biggest museums in Afghanistan that preserves the historical works from 4,000 AD to 8,000 AD and the works of six historical periods are protected and preserved in this museum. Sapand said that the number of people visiting the museum and other historic monuments in Kandahar has increased as dozens of people visit the museum on daily basis. “National and foreign visitors come to Kandahar Museum to see the works of the historical period and visit this place,” Sapand added Abdul Karim, who visited Kandahar Museum, said that more work should be done in the museum so that the number of national and foreign visitors further increases as the museum was rich in historical monuments. “More should be done in the museum so that the number of the local people in Kandahar province and other provinces visit the museum as there are many historical monuments and artifacts preserved in the museum,” Abdul Karim added. It is worth mentioning that Kandahar Museum was established in 1380 (solar year) and after that, all the ancient monuments were recorded and registered by the country’s archaeologists. Mashal Noori

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.