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Kabul’s silent Tsunami

Nowadays the capital Kabul’s air has been strongly polluted. Based on available researches on air pollution, the density rate of Kabul contaminating ingredients has been estimated to 500 micrograms per each cubic meter of air. But environmentalists believe that this situation is not constant and is being changed day and night.
Nevertheless, apparently there is no disagreement that Kabul air is concerningly polluted. All agree that the rate of air pollution in Kabul is very high, that has caused increasing concern on direct damaging of public health.
Whereas large parts of contaminating ingredients of Kabul air are harmful gases released due to burning of fossil materials including Co2 and others, they could be the reason of outbreaking respiratory diseases. Some public health experts and doctors believe that these contaminations could be main reason of respiratory cancer. They say that if a solution is no sought on this situation, it would cause hazardous problems to Kabul inhabitants.
Sometimes before a reliable research source had reported that the rate of human casualties due to pollution is higher than the casualties due to suicide operations and explosions. This research institution had interpreted pollution as a silent Tsunami.
The Afghan government had earlier established a commission led by the president who is personally adopting the measures carried out on reduction and control of capital air contamination by relevant bodies. Each of institutions included in the committee would absolutely undertake essential measures and would report to committee.
The state commission has established a committee of public awareness and has begun its activities to raise awareness among people, aiming to reduce the air pollution and use of the low-quality fuel and fossil materials.
Issuing separate statements, these institutions have asked citizens and consuming bodies of fossil materials to avoid use of these materials for heating and cooking purposes and don’t cause air pollution. But it seems that this is not enough, and it is needed that beside abovementioned measures and steps, two other important steps should be taken simultaneously too.
First, as it is mentioned before, it is needed that awareness should be given extensively to people to refrain contaminating of air that causes out-breaking of diseases and damage everybody. Imams of mosques, media, religious bodies and local influential should provide essential information to people to give up polluting of air.
Second, it is needed that relevant government bodies responsible for management of fuel market including imports and distribution of petroleum and liquid gas, in close cooperation of private sector undertake essential measures on keeping constant the prices of these materials as well as their availability for citizens, hotels, inns, restaurants, bakeries…. during winter season.
Responsible bodies should prevent forestalling and hiking prices of these materials and Enterprise of petroleum and liquid gas should control the market through its reservoirs and prevent abuse of opportunists from this situation.

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.