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Kabul Zoo area to be expanded and developed in coming year

Kabul Zoo, which is considered as the only zoo in the country, was built by the royal family in 1968. Local officials in Kabul say that the Zoo will be expanded and developed to 105 acres as the current area is relatively small and not enough for the animals. Currently, there are 100 types of animals in this zoo, where the number of animals reach nearly 600. According to the authorities, efforts are underway to have similar zoos in some zones of the country so that our citizens can become more familiar with various types of animals and understand their value in nature. In an interview with The Kabul Times correspondent, Aziz Gul Saqib, head of the Kabul Zoo, said that there were 100 types of various animals as fishes, birds, reptiles and others, the number of which reached to 600. “Actually, most of the animals that are kept in zoos should be domestic so that citizens should know them, help them in nature and work to prevent their extinction,” Saqib said, adding that due to the past four decades of wars, illiteracy, trafficking and cutting of forests, they are facing with the lack of domestic animals and birds in the country. He said with the improvement of security, birds and animals have started to return. Saqib further said that approximately 100,000 kindergarten and school children were allowed each year to visit the zoo free of charge, adding that they also provided public awareness about animals to the children and visitors so that they could talk about the value of animals in their homes and public. Pointing to expansion and development of the Kabul Zoo area, the head of Kabul Zoo said that the New Year would be full of achievements for the zoo as they have finalized a development plan which has been already shared with Kabul Municipality, adding that it was determined that the zoo area would be expanded from the zoo to the Guzargah Bridge, reaching to 105 acres. He further said that some areas belonged to the Ministry of Agriculture and would be provided to the Kabul Zoo, adding that some of this area belonged to local people, and this is way the plan would be implemented during the coming New Year. Meanwhile, the head of the Veterinary of Kabul Zoo Abdul Rahman Maiwand said that Kabul Zoo was a recognized at the international level and all animals and birds were fed properly. “The warm-blooded animals are moved to indoors or their enclosures when temperatures drop in winter. Besides, heaters are also put on some of them to keep them warm and safe in cold winter,” Maiwand said, adding that there is also a health team tasked to take care of the animals in the zoo. He further said that there was a professional team for better treatment of animals, saying that there were a regular and well-equipped clinic, lab, drugstores and operation room, stressing that Kabul Zoo was one of the modern zoos in the region. Kabul Municipality spokesperson by briefing the importance of Kabul Zoo told The Kabul Times correspondent that special attention was paid to the zoo as it was an asset for Kabul, adding that Kabul Municipality was planning to develop the zoo. He asked the visitors to be careful with the animals and not to harm them. The Kabul municipality representative Nimatullah Barakzai also spoke about the importance of this zoo and said that the zoo is being taken care of from all sides, that the zoo is an asset of Kabul and the municipality is planning to expand the zoo. In addition to the improvements, these officials also seem to be angry with the citizens for harassing the animals in the zoo; they call on people to be careful with animals and avoid harming them. In other countries, a zoo may be an ordinary thing, but in a country like Afghanistan, it is an interesting place for people to have fun and visit. It is worth mentioning that students from 8 faculties also visit Kabul Zoo as a scientific and research center. Muhib Mayar

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.