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Kabul, the capital to get its lost beauty soon

Kabul citizens are happy as the Kabul municipality is working hard to bring back the lost beauty of the capital by improving selected corners and launching a range of beautification programs in the city. On the occasion of the holy month of Ramadan, Kabul Municipality installed the symbols of urban beauty in the shape of a tunnel made of lights in Shahre- Naw and Makroryan areas. According to Kabul residents, the recent initiatives of Kabul municipality should be appreciated as it has changed the face of the city.

They say it’s reflecting a positive image for the international community that Afghanistan is now a peaceful country. “We’re appreciating the Kabul municipality as it has implemented lots of renovation programs in the capital. With the completion of most of the programs, Kabul, the capital has almost found its lost beauty,” said Wali Mohammad, a Kabul resident. Meanwhile, Kabul municipality says it is determined that other programs will be soon implemented in the capital with the completion of these programs, Kabul city will look more beautiful. People say that Kabul, which is the heart and capital of the country, needs a lot of attention from the government side. The more Kabul looks beautiful, the more the country looks beautiful. The Kabul municipality is needed to make more initiatives as it has started on some already. According to Kabul residents, it is good to appreciate the Kabul municipality as it has implemented lots of programs for the beautification of the city. Besides renovation of intersections and squares, the municipality has implemented various renovation projects including planting trees on median strips, erecting trafficcircle monuments and building small and major roads and now tunnel-type light rooms. Kabul residents are asking the municipality to implement more initiative programs for further beautification of the city as security has improved across the country. “Thanks to Almighty Allah that there’s security all over the country. Kabul municipality has implemented unprecedented renovation programs in the city. The capital’s all squares and intersections look beautiful,” said Muhibullah Mayar, a Kabul resident. It is worth mentioning that Kabul municipality has installed two tunnels which are equipped and made of lights to increase in the beauty of the city during the holy month of Ramadan. Munir Ahmad Tanvir

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.