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Kabul residents’ increasing complains over city transportation services

By: Shukria Kohistani

Kabul residents are not happy with current city transportation services provided by the city municipality. They say local officials have repeatedly promised to provide standard city transportation services to the city residents, but no programs have been implemented for the improvement of the transportation system in the capital city. According to Kabul residents, lack of city buses has paved the way for the private sector to misuse and create problems for the people as they wait hours on bus-stops on regular basis.
For example, private transportation by making use that there is no proper public transportation services in the city charge high taxi fare on the people. Although Kabul municipality has recently put some public buses into use for Kabul residents, the people are asking for increasing of the city buses to deliver services to the people.
Meanwhile, officials for the Kabul municipality say efforts are underway to increase the number of city buses for different locations, stressing that by putting more city buses into use in the city problems of the people will be addressed.
Previously, nearly 1,000 buses have been assisted by various countries to Afghanistan, but most of them have now been broken down due to lack of maintenance. Currently, there are only 205 buses operating in Kabul and some other provinces of the country.
A number of Kabul residents in their interviews with The Kabul Times correspondent while complaining of the public transportation services in the city say most of the people are facing with continued problems in connection with the public transportation in Kabul city.
“Lack of regular public transportation system is one of the main problems facing the people particularly the Kabul residents who are always facing with lack of city buses during the morning and evening time period,” said Ahmad, a Kabul resident.
He asked the government to evaluate all the challenges facing the people and address them in a proper way.
Ainuddin, another Kabul resident, says he is not happy with the current public transportation system in Kabul city as the people are facing with serious problems. But, he is optimistic that a number of buses are operating in the city and hopes the number of buses will increase in the future.
“Local officials of the Kabul municipality and ministry of transportation have failed to create a regular and standard public transportation system to address problems of the people,” Ainuddin said, asking the government to work on a comprehensive system to make the city transportation system standard and organized.
It is worth mentioning that Kabul municipality created 264 city bus-stops worth 120 million AFG in Kabul city two years ago, but unfortunately the bus-stops have now changed to homes for drug-addicts.
Kabul municipality says it is planning to increase the number of city buses for the people of Kabul. Samira Rasa, a spokesperson to Kabul municipality told The Kabul Times that the number of new buses would soon increase in Kabul city.


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