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Kabul residents concerning over shortage of public buses

Many Kabul residents complain about the scarcity of city buses, stating that there shall be more urban buses inside the city to facilitate cost-effective commuting. Mohammad Nabi, one of the Kabul residents, emphasizes that the availability of city buses is scarce and hardly visible in Kabul. “The government shall establish a well-organized urban transport system in Afghanistan, similar to those widely practiced around the world, to ensure easy mobility for the people,” he said. Officials at the Ministry of Transport also confirm that the number of city buses is significantly inadequate compared to the population of Kabul. The director of National Bus Enterprise, Abdul Wali, said that the city’s public buses in Kabul are insufficient. According to him, there are currently 120 active city buses operating on various routes throughout Kabul, serving the citizens on a daily basis with regular schedules. “Though these buses provide essential transportation services, they cannot meet the needs of Kabul residents due to its vast geographical expanse and dense population,” he shared. Based on the information provided by the National Buss Enterprise, the fares for short routes have been set at AFN 5, while longer routes charge AFN 10. In addition to state-operated city buses, a significant number of private large and small vehicles, including taxis, are also operating in various parts of Kabul. Samiullah Momand

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.