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Kabul residents complain about power outages

As the summer arrives and getting the weather warmer, a number of residents, shopkeepers and owners of manufacturing companies in the capital Kabul and some provinces are starting to complaint about increased load-shedding of electricity.
This comes as the Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS) says the main reason of the current load-shedding of electricity is the severe drought in the country. It said that current hydropower dams could not generate more electricity due to severe drought in the country. “No change in contracts signed for importing electricity from neighboring countries. Importing electricity from the neighboring countries is normally continuing,” said Hekmatullah Maiwandi, a spokesperson to Da Afghanistan Breshna Sherkat (DABS).
He added that the water level was so low; therefore, most of domestic electricity networks were not operating, which has caused shortage of electricity.
He said DABS has allocated most electricity to domestic manufacturing companies and government institutions so that problems of the people got solved.
Pointing to the high price of electricity and complaints of most countrymen in this regard, DABS spokesperson said those having complaints about the high price of electricity or any other complaints should contact the company’s 144 number so that they could find a way of solution.
Emal Hakim, a shopkeeper in Kabul city, says foodstuffs are usually rotten due to hot weather and electricity load-shedding.
“I lose nearly 2,000 afghani a day due to continued load-shedding of electricity, while I timely pay the electricity and municipality bills,” Email said, asking the electricity company to schedule load-shedding of electricity in the capital and provinces.
Maintaining continued electricity is considered as one of the reasons behind the political challenges, while Afghanistan has unprecedented resources for producing power in the country. Investment on power sector and dams inside the country might address the increasing shortage of electricity in the country.
In recent days, load-shedding of electricity has raised complaints of Kabul residents who are mostly complaining of continued load-shedding of electricity, unfair distribution of electricity in most parts of the capital Kabul and high price of the electricity.
Samina, a resident of Ahmad Shah Baba Mena, says continued load-shedding of electricity has disrupted her regular house-work.
“Each day we have 1 – 2 hours load-shedding of electricity. With this continued load-shedding, I cannot organize my work,” Samina said, asking the electricity company to pay particular attention to address the continued load-shedding problems of electricity in the country.
The country’s only electricity company ‘DABS’ says the Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan (IEA) is committed to providing better services to the people and it will soon address the challenge.
Saida Ahmadi

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