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Kabul residents complain about high taxi-fair, lack of public transport

A number of Kabul residents by complaining of city transportation say despite of relevant organs’ continued commitments to delivering standard transportation services in the city, no practical work has been started in connection with providing better services to Kabul residents. According to the residents of Kabul, the people wait hours in bus-stops for city buses.
They added that lack of city buses has paved the way for misuse of private sector as private buses take advantage of people’s obligation and charge them double taxi-fare.
Urban traffic and transport is a global problem, especially in developing countries. Kabul, the capital city of Afghanistan, is a city where urban traffic and transport is the major problems for the lives of its inhabitants. Previously, Kabul municipality had promised of addressing the urban traffic and transport problems, but despite of increasing in number of city buses, the people are still facing with problems as they need to wait hours for public transportation to take them home. Kabul municipality says it will soon increase the number of city buses to address urban traffic and transport. In previous years, nearly 1,000 buses have been provided to Afghanistan, while 205 buses are currently operating in Kabul and a number of provinces. One of the main causes of transport problem is the lack of public transport in the city. Kabul residents who are always facing with lack of public transport in morning and evening hours are asking relevant organs to address the problems.
“I am not happy with current urban traffic and transport in Kabul city, but there’s still hope of increasing city buses,” said Zakia Sami, a resident of Kabul. She asked Kabul municipality to increase the number of city buses and control the taxi-fare to address the problems of Kabul inhabitants.
She also asked the relevant organs to work on a comprehensive system to make the urban traffic and transport standardized. She also asked the people to pay attention to maintenance of the city buses.
Rafi, another Kabul resident, told The Kabul Times correspondent that increasing in number of city buses could address problems of the urban traffic and transport in the city. On the other side the government revenue will also increase.
Meanwhile, He asked Kabul municipality to do more in reduction of taxi-fare and increasing the number of city buses, and so that they could commute to the city without wasting too much time.
It is worth mentioning that Kabul is the only capital city in the world that does not have basic urban services such as water and sewage systems, gas and heat distribution and, above all, public transport. Kabul municipality is now working to address the people’s problems by increasing the number of city buses. Besides, the municipality is working to bring considerable changes in all fields.
Saida Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.