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Kabul residents ask for resumption of passport distribution process

A number of Kabul residents have asked for resumption of passport distribution process in Kabul, the capital. Almost three weeks back, the passport department stopped distribution process of the passport in Kabul.
The country’s Ministry of Interior (MoI) had previously said that the passport department has stopped operations due to some technical problems. According to MoI, the department of passport is working to bring the distribution process of the passport as normal once the technical problems are addressed.
On the other hand, a number of residents of Kabul particularly those whose family members are sick and seeking medical treatment in neighboring countries say they are facing with lots of problems due to not having passports.
Currently, thousands of people have applied to get passports, but due to some technical problems, the applicants’ applications have been in pending. They asked the passport department for early resumption of the passport distribution process.
Earlier, the passport department had announced the suspension of the distribution of passports, saying it was considering bringing positive changes to its technical and equipment sections in a bid to provide better services to clients.
According to officials of the passport department, as 4 – 5,000 passports are processed and distributed at the center, most machines have lost their original quality over time and needed to be repaired or replaced; therefore, the department planned to suspend the operation for a period of time.
Kabul residents particularly those that have submitted their applications to get passports have urged the Islamic Emirate to address the technical problems as soon as possible or find another way of issuing and distributing passports to those who need them urgently.
It is worth mentioning that the Ministry of Interior (MoI) of the Islamic Emirate has recently appointed Mawlavi Abdul Karim Hassib as new head of the passport department. According to a statement released by the MoI, Mawlavi Abdul Karim Hassib was introduced to the employees of the department last week. This comes at a time the department is not working on processing and distribution of passports.
Said Ahmadi

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.