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Kabul Municipality’s revenue increased, official

The revenue of the Kabul Municipality has recently increased, it said in a statement the other day.
The Kabul municipality has collected 2.5 billion Afghani in just four months of the last solar year, showing 400 million Afghani increase comparing to its previous revenue, the statement said.
In an inclusive interview with The Kabul Times, a Kabul Municipality’s publication director, Nimatullah Barakzai said the municipality has collected more than 2.5 billion Afghani in revenue over the last five months of the 1,400 solar year. According to him, the amount Kabul municipality collected, showed 400 million Afghani increase comparing to the similar period in previous government. Barakzai pointed to implementation of development projects and said that the Kabul Municipality was planned to work on 181 development projects till the end of the current year in Kabul city.
According to Kabul municipality, construction of roads and streets, management of groundwater, city services, construction of municipality’s infrastructures, construction of bus-stops and squares are part of 181 development projects worth 8 billion Afghani to be provided by the municipality.
The municipality has also said necessary preparations and programs for celebration of Eid al-Adha have been made. Kabul municipality says it has planned to execute a range of programs for the cleanliness of the city.
He went on saying that protection of environment and cleanliness of Kabul city was one of the serious programs which will be in top priorities of the city municipality during the Eid days on which Muslims sacrifice cattle. Barakzai said that nearly 200,000 saplings have been planted this year around the city.
It specified four locations in four gates of Kabul city, where people could purchase cattle and sheep for sacrificing on the advent of Eid.
“The people’s health is very important for us; therefore, Kabul municipality in close cooperation with the ministry of public health has planned to take serious measures to prevent the outspread of Kango disease during Eid days on which people sacrifice livestock,” Barakzai said adding that mobile health teams were tasked to check any possible Kango disease in the city.
Pointing to challenges ahead, Barakzai said management of city some districts producing trashes was so challenging for the city municipality as the population has increased and collecting trashes took much time.
“Although trashes and garbage from any parts of the city are collected on daily basis but collecting trashes will be speed up during the Eid days in various city districts,” he said adding that the municipality was making effort to manage collecting trashes in a better way.
Besides, Kabul municipality will keep all entertainment locations and parks open so that the people can go to parks to enjoy Eid holidays with their families. Currently, there are 134 parks in Kabul city.
Meanwhile, the municipality has also stepped towards cleaning of the city’s streets and roads in recent days.
Pointing to controlling the price of the first and key food items in city, Barakzai said Kabul municipality could not reduce the prices of key food items, but it could introduce real price of items to the people and shopkeepers.
According to Kabul municipality, Afghanistan is a country depending on importing the primary food items from other countries. When prices of food items get high, undoubtedly traders get the items high in world markets, so they have to sell the items higher on shopkeepers and wholesalers in the country.
Amiri, Qarizada

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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.