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Kabul municipality’s recent step to bring order in city welcomed

Kabul residents have praised Kabul municipality for its recent step towards bringing order in the city.
They said irregularities had turned to a big social problem in Kabul for months, but brining order back by Kabul municipality is appreciable and it is hoped people witness the municipality’s more work in the city.
Kabul municipality have recently put and installed stalled carts for street venders to sell their goods. The program was aimed to prevent from irregularities and crowd in the city. Following the Islamic Emirate’s takeover, the country’s economy has somehow broken; therefore, the number of street venders has unprecedently increased on Kabul streets and markets, which has made the municipality to find a way to resolve the problem.
Javed, a street vender and resident of Kabul, says he has worked as a street vender for several years, and now he has an installed stall cart selling sandal.
“The stall carts have been provided by some private companies with total cost of 16,000 AFG. We have paid for the carts but do not know how much tax the municipality will charge on us,” Javed said, asking the municipality for charging a small amount of money on venders so that they can easily pay it.
Jehan, another Kabul resident, said he had to be street vender to make a living, adding that he used to roam in the city to sell something as there was not any specific location for such a business.
“Now, the Kabul municipality has specified specific locations for street venders to do their business, which is a good step towards brining order to the city,” Jehan said, asking the municipality to get a small amount of money as a tax from carts’ owners.
Most of street venders who were roaming on Kabul streets in the past are now benefiting the new specific locations where they can do their businesses without any problems. Kabul municipality says the plan for installing stall carts in specific locations has been made to prevent from irregularities and crowd on streets and roads.
According to the head of public relations and publications of Kabul municipality Nimatullah Barakzai, unfortunately portable carts have created lots of problems in the city; therefore, the municipality has planned to first aware the venders and later practically started working to implement the program.
“In areas where there are empty lands, the municipality installs unpotable carts, but in areas where there’s no open space for carts, the municipality install the carts on one or two sides of streets,” Barakzai said, adding that the carts have been put on street and roadsides in central Kabul, Pul-e-Khishti area, all around of Shahzada business center and other city’s districts.
The recent step of the Kabul municipality has been warmly welcomed by the people considering it as useful for the beauty of the city and prevention of irregularities.
Kabul residents say specifying locations for stalls and carts has caused reduction of crowd and prevention of irregularities, adding that stalls and carts have been put in good order on road and streets sides as the recent plan of the municipality has added to the beauty of the city.

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