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Kabul municipality to provide coal at lower prices in 22 districts

The Kabul municipality said that it will begin the process of distributing coal at a lower price in twenty-two Kabul city districts next week.
According to the municipality, up to three coal sales centers will be established in each district of the capital, and these centers will provide coal to people at prices lower than those found on the open market.
“In the city of Kabul, in the twenty-two districts, we designate one to three places depending on the population of the district where they can access coal and buy it at the lower price, which is very low compared to the export price,” said Nematullah Barakzai, a representative of Kabul Municipality.
Meanwhile, some Kabul residents complain about the high price of fuel, particularly coal, saying that the price of coal in Kabul markets is higher than the price set by the Islamic Emirate.
“It has increased three or four thousand Afghanis in price, a significant difference from three or four days ago. The price was eleven thousand, but it reached fifteen to sixteen thousand,” said Mazaruddin, a resident of Kabul.
“If our government tries to offer certain services for the people, so that the people may spend the chilly winter well, it will be good because the people are all unemployed,” said Amanullah, another resident of Kabul.
However, some fuel sellers voiced worries over the weak market, saying that less coal and wood was being sold this year compared to past years.
“The prices are very high, people can’t afford it,” said Gulam Sakhi, a coal seller.
“The consumers are also in a difficult economic condition; people’s budgets are small, therefore they come and buy as much as they need,” said Amin, another coal seller.
Earlier, the first deputy PM, Mullah Baradar, said that 400,000 tons of coal will be stored in four zones of Kabul, and with this the price of fuel in the country will be reduced.


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The Kabul times, Afghanistan Trustable News Agency.